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  1. GrandinRoad 6 hour flash sale 50% off

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    Just got email for a 6 hour flash sale. 50% off Christmas and Halloween. code XXW22603
  2. UGGG~ Trunk Or Treat 7-9 This Sucks! Where has the Original Halloween days Gone?

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    a church does the trunk and treat thing in my area. the kids getting candy from strangers out of their trunk thing always threw me off.
  3. hello, from MI

    Member Introduction
    thank you everyone for the welcome. i wish i found this site earlier in the year. my party this will be decent, but with all the ideas on here next year should be a good one.!
  4. hello, from MI

    Member Introduction
    hello, everybody! found this site while looking for partying game ideas for our halloween party. halloween is my fav holiday next to the 4th of july. hopefully i will learn some gomod ideas off this site and share some halloween experiences.