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  • BobbyA ·
    Yeah I'm sorry too. I was trying to get one of the last 960 foggers you had, and as we all know the 960s are now long gone. It was among the items you dual list on ebay and your website. As I recall, you held products on hand in a storage facility, so there was no store to show up to and ask in person.
    Thank you for the apology,
    HauntedFog ·
    Hi Bobby,

    My name is Rick, I own Haunted Fog. I was just reading an old article about the VEI V3000 fogger. I saw your post about us not answering your e-mail about local pickup. While I cannot speak to your situation I know we meet our customers for local pickup and we answer back all of our customers e-mails. I don't know if we dropped the ball or if there was some king of e-mail issue, but I do apologize for what happened and hope that you give us another chance to serve you in the future.

    Haunted Fog
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