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  • cylonfrogqueen ·
    In this same area as the members introduction...you will see a thread that says Members photo's ( it is a very long thread...around 200 pages and a interesting read if you feel like it.- but if not, click last page. post your message of : this is me Blt...or something or another.
    and then paste your image code right into the post ....it will show up just like your avitar code.
    you can preview you message to see if it came out...... and if it did post it. hope that helps.
    cylonfrogqueen ·
    NO? Realllllllly? Your Kiddin me? Yes, Ofcourse I know who you are. LOL? OMG, you can even Stalk me....I thought I was suppose to do that to YOU !!! LOL ! Well, then, Like I said before ....tool around the forum. Each catagory has a zillion threads under them....Hey, you might find something cool to make for the haunts. or for your friends. I really think that you will enjoy this place, and probably meet a couple of new friends. LOl. In general topics right now there is a thread about candy.....what kind to give, recieve ...I do believe that is right up your alley....I am sure your will have a comment to make there. ! see you around. !
    cylonfrogqueen ·
    blt you have no avitar. you need a avitar! LOL! Surprised to see you here on the forum.
    You will like looking around. Maybe find some crafty things here that you will want to try.
    Have you gone to members introduction yet? Make sure you do that and post your picture in members photo.....Rookie will add it to the album. Welcome ! See you around.!
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