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  1. Static: Much As I'm Tired of Pirates, These Cannons Are Nice and Cheap

    Halloween Props
    $250 for a blowmold cannon barrel? Ridiculous! And yes, that's what it really is, a blowmold cannon! They claim it weighs 8 lbs and you can full it with water, sand or concrete for added weight. Sounds like a blowmold to me!
  2. Static: Another Hearse Wagon For Inspiration

    Halloween Props
    This one is in a somewhat different style than the ones most folks build. http://www.nj.com/morris/index.ssf/2015/02/glimpse_of_history_a_stylish_hearse_in_hanover.html#incart_river
  3. Static: Slenderman

    Halloween Props
    That head looks like he could almost pass for one of The Silence from Doctor Who. http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110727145232/tardis/images/1/13/Silent.jpg
  4. Fog: Show me your fog distribution solutions

    Halloween Props
    You'd have to cap off the end of the pipe to force the fog out of the much smaller hose.
  5. Fog: Show me your fog distribution solutions

    Halloween Props
    Two things. One may improve distribution, the other definitely will. The surefire gimmick is to attach a box at the end of the outlet hose. The hose empties into the box, then the fog is distributed through a half inch high slot cut along the bottom edge of a side face of box. The wide, narrow...
  6. Trick or Treat on Thanksgiving!

    General Halloween
    Thinking about it, masquerades seem to be a fall/winter holiday thing going all the way up to the new year. After all, Philadelphia has its insane Mummer's Parade every New Year, and that's all about the masquerade, too. So we start with Halloween and Finish up an New Year's Day here in the...
  7. Next Year's Special Treats

    General Halloween
    You know those kiddie valentine cards they sell every year, like half the size of an index card? Do similar Halloween cards, sized for coin envelopes you can get in bulk at Staples (I use coin envelopes for seed storage for my garden). Prep one winner card for each bike, and the rest get a...
  8. Trick or Treat on Thanksgiving!

    General Halloween
    This fits well with an elderly column writer for my local newspaper. He recently described the Halloweens of his childhood as monthlong affairs to extort nightly candy from the neighbors.
  9. Bed Bath and Beyond Tinsel cat

    General Halloween
    They sold the same thing for $40 at CVS. The exact same image is on the CVS box with the addition of a background. The tinsel is like 1/4 inch long and it isn't animated. Got mine at 90% off in the CVS clearance.
  10. Incorporating a serious memorial

    General Halloween
    By all means, build a tombstone memorial to your brother and put in your display with everything else. There is no cardinal rule that requires any Halloween tombstone display to be a humorous play on words, epitaph for a dead horror writer, or tribute to a fictional character. Plenty of us put...
  11. Costume with glasses ?

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Lasik is a scary thing for us glasses wearers,especially when you know more people they messed up with than helped. In my circle, Lasik has a 90% rate of some sort of failure. Sure, most failures are pretty minor, but to me, failure is failure. My solution was a plague doctor costume, with a...
  12. Trying to spread the word

    General Halloween
    LOL. Wishing for reciprocal links is so 1994. The concept worked well in the early days of the web, but these days the web is so expansive, the idea can easily get out of control and adds to your website management and maintenance tasks. You'd regularly have to screen the list for dead websites...
  13. 2015 Has come to a SCREECHING Hault

    General Halloween
    Buy an older home so you can avoid this eternal hassle. They won't just interfere with your love of Halloween, they'll interfere with every damned little thing they possibly can.
  14. Display vs. Experience- Opinions?

    General Halloween
    Using a ouija board instead of tarot cards would allow you to retain use of your cemetery props.
  15. Prop Showcase: Tried a new theme this year

    Halloween Props
    Reminds me of nightmares from my kindergarten era.