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  1. Blakkheart back on the air!!

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    Holy crap...….. its been years since I've been here. The new place looks great. New paint. New wallpaper. And that painting over there looks great. LOL Things are the way I left them though. Halloween gallery is gone. So my links go no where. I had some pics I wanted to save. Oh well...
  2. From West to East

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    Been haunting since 1986. Only two years it didn't happen. 1999 and 2015. I got married last year. I'm jonesing for my Halloween fix. (slaps arm)
  3. Halloween conflict

    General Halloween
    Sorry to hear Cyber. This year I'm doing my first decoration at a apartment building. awesome............. After years of decorating my house for years I'm scaling it back bigtime. A whole upper part of my shed full of Halloween stuff. LOL And last year I got married at Halloween time and...
  4. Grandin Road 2016

    General Halloween
    Grandin road! One of these days!
  5. New Texas lady here!

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    Hi there my love! I hope you enjoy our site! Feel free to lurk further!
  6. Hello my Halloween peeps! Been a long time since I been here.

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    Thanks! Its great to be home once again.
  7. Hello my Halloween peeps! Been a long time since I been here.

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    Hello my Halloween peps. Been a long time. Been busy most of my friends here I know on Facebook so haven't been here in a while. First let me thank Larry and all the new peeps for keeping the forum alive. Only recognize a few names logged in right now. LOL Let me first say. I have finally...
  8. Happy Birthday Blakkheart

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Im running a little late. But thank you. Dont get on very much, just trying to get things in order. 42 years old and I'm really starting to feel it. LOL One day I will get time to get some halloween stuff together.
  9. Uncertain halloween

    Off-Topic Stuff
    P.S. I'm still gonna do something. So no on the coffin creepycathy. :) LOL
  10. Uncertain halloween

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Got a new boss, just had it out with him yesterday about halloween vacation. I got the whole explanation on why we can get time off and why we can't. First time in 11 years my halloween may be in limbo. I posted on facebook about it and someone i thought was my friend informed him about my...
  11. Monster Cereals?

    General Halloween
    Stocked up with 3 booberry and 2 franken berry!!! I've been jonesing for my fix. I finally ran out about three months ago. LOL
  12. Walgreens Halloween - Be a Little Wary...

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    I went to one and they didnt have much out, but the other was nearly totally stocked. They even had all the cerals!!!! I stocked up bigtime. LOL I got my fingers crossed too Thrinity1. X
  13. Walgreens Halloween - Be a Little Wary...

    General Halloween
    I saw the 30 bucky also, for the price its great, the quality isnt the greatest. As you said. But i do need one and all I can do is hope for the best. It looks simple enough to repair if problems arise, but bad knee joints not sure. I will probably get one but will wait a bit. Thanks for...
  14. Prop Showcase: Zombie Pirate Drinking - Video

    Halloween Props
    She needs to go on the wagon. In real need of an AA meeting. LOL Great job.
  15. Halloween/horror dislikes

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    My halloween dislike is those Holy rolleys trying to cash in on Halloween with their Hell house places. Give me a break! " we are just trying to spead the word". Yea and the word is CHA-CHING$$$$$$$$$