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  • ezdoesit-tn ·
    Hey Chris, how did it go this weekend? It was sooo cold last night... got to stop by this week sometime and check out what you guys (and gals, if any) have done!
    ezdoesit-tn ·
    Hey there... gonna start gearing up for this years haunt. I've got a few things planned for the party this year... checked out some stuff on your facebook page, looks really good! Shoot me a PM or email me and let me know your plans for this years "carnevil klowns" gig.
    tamster ·
    wow you got quite a collection, my fav is the killer klowns, the masks are sooooooooo expensive, wanting to get a few of my own
    chop shop ·
    Hello, could you send me a link to Bump in the Night's 2011 props you posted? I looked around but couldn't find those in particular. Thanks!
    The Halloween Lady ·
    Well I did in fact finish my carnival theme this year. Stop by and look at my album when you get a chance. I think you'll recognize where I got a lot of inspiration from. :D I still need to upload my videos. :eek:
    slaz ·
    Hey Chris, sorry it took me soooo long to respond to your message. Thanks for the klown site, I loved it. :) I just moved from Florida to NY in Sept. It was such a downer. It was a very expensive move. I didn't get to do very much for Halloween this year. :( Hope you had a wonderful Halloween!! :) I would love to be friends. :) I just love klowns. :) Great ship you built too!!
    One eyed Mick ·
    Oh yeah, Pirates Of Emerson ship is way cool! I have seen it several times up close as they use it in the Vallejo Pirate Festival here in California (I have attended the Festival for the past three years).

    It is truly a work of art. I am thinking of something like that, only on a smaller scale.
    One eyed Mick ·
    I actually did consider building the ship on a trailer with the hopes of being able to use it in a parade, but I like your idea for the portability of it to and from my house as well. I do have a small ranch that I could store it at on the trailer in the "Off Season"....:D!

    I have seen a few ship builds that were made using pallets for the framework and then flexible siding used to cover everything. The pallets were bolted together in a rough boat shape and then a deck was added on top.

    The house we are moving to has a fairly large yard, but at this point, no garage or other storage buildings except for a small garden shed. I will eventually be building a garage on the property, but nothing large enough to store a whole ship prop in....so the trailer sounds like a great way to go with this....:D!!!
    One eyed Mick ·
    Welcome aboard.....We always have room for another Pirate....:D!

    Your ship really looks great. I am thinking on building something of that scale in the next couple of years as I will be moving next year and I will have to modify my Haunted Pirate Ship display.....

    Do you have any pics of the framework for your ship? I would need something pretty solid that adults could walk on, yet be able to take it apart and store it for the "Off Season"....
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