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  • hallorenescene ·
    when they interviewed that one guy who killed all those kids, he said he would take one kid down and stand them in the corner, then bring down another kid and kill them. we thought maybe he was already dead but then he wouldn't have been standing that way, or just so at the end given up and had no will left and stood by while they killed her and then after him.
    hallorenescene ·
    thats a thought to chew over. never thought of that. you think he was in on it all along to? i am going to run that by my daughter and grandson. very interesting concept.
    hallorenescene ·
    i didn't think it looked so fake. yeah, i think he maybe was in on it too. my girlfriend and i had a scary camping experience. that's why i believe it. so, do you think they would have made it out if the one hadn't of thrown away the map? they did find the stuff on the map, but it just took longer. and what do you supposed about that boy at the end, he was dead don't you think? but how was he standing the way he was?
    hallorenescene ·
    i loved it. i thought it was supposed to be real. wasn't it? my daughter and grandson loved it as well. scared the crap out of all of us. do you think there was only one killer? don't you think the sheriff knew more than you think about what was going on. i think i am going to put it on my want list.
    hi ghost host
    Son-of-Thing ·
    Greetings, BOTF!

    I am pleased to be your Friend. Glad you liked the BW decoration ideas. (I think you're on the right track with the "tree-shaker" gags -- we use them, with the proper timing of course, to great effect at our home haunts...)

    I'll look forward to seeing how your haunt materializes...

    Most Sanguine Cheers!
    soni ·
    Hey you only live once you might as well have the fun!!! I would love to go tot but I would probably get some looks, lol. Love the ganster theme!! I don't even get the chance to take my kids tot my niece's take them, they are 16 and 18, I think they just want an excuse to go tot. LOL
    Again I hope your party goes well. Have fun!!!
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