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  • HallowSusieBoo ·
    Hi Bethune - everything looks so different to me on the HF site! Lol
    Still - Is this a private message to you so if I remind you of my address for the ST fun, does it only go to you?
    HallowSusieBoo ·
    Hallow and Hello there “my pretty!”
    Can you believe it’s been a a DECADE since I joined HF - and now that I’m a gramma - I really need to brush up on my holiday vibe to share the spirit(s)!! May I join Secret Reaper HallowSusieBoo

    Big hugs Bethene! We are growing older aren’t we?! 😉
    Spookilicious mama ·
    Well hello there lady I see you are still doing the Reaper and I think that is awesome! Good for you! Thought Id swing by and see what is going on here. I exited quietly a while back as well I felt the friendly vibe that was on here years ago was no longer. More and more people seemed to be unkind to the members and that is not what I am about. The last reaper I did I experienced that myself and well decided to exit quietly. I think it is amazing you are still doing the reaper and as usual you are doing an amazing job I am sure of it:) Ive been busy teaching still fifth grade and I love every bit of it. The kids are great! Heading over the Halloween horror nights this year so that is something to look forward to. and I finally got to do the longest yard sale and that was the best trip we have taken in a long time. SO MUCH FUN! Well I would love to hear from my old friend. You look amazing in your pic so I hope you are doing well and healthy. hugs and kisses my friend:)
    byondbzr ·
    Thank you! Just went to Bath & Bodyworks and bought a few candles with my birthday money, lol. Pumpkin stuff is out! I got Autumn and Leaves because they were $15 each today. Excited!
    hallorenescene ·
    RIKKI, was my reaper one year. she has an etsy store. she sent me a business card with my gift.
    I love your doll. I love dolls, I love Halloween, and I love witches. all winners. you know, I have all kinds of witch patterns. funny but I never seem to make them. i'll have to remedy that. a long time ago I told lady I would make her a witch. now that I am cleaning out that room, maybe I will find the pattern. If I do, I will surprise her with a witch.

    well, I guess I did make some witch dolls for secret reaper. and I made myself a cloth kitchen witch, and I guess I made one witch doll. I almost forgot about them.
    Pumpkin5 ·
    :) Thank you darling! I spent half the day on the phone with AT&T trying to get my internet/cable working again. It's got me a bit behind with my Reaper gift, but I am mailing one box out on Monday and I will have the other box ready hopefully by Wednesday. Why do I wait until the last minute EVERY time I join the Secret Reaper? You would think I would learn my lesson....ha, ha.:eek:
    Pumpkin5 ·
    Hey Bethene! My internet is down at my house, so could you let everyone know that I've been REAPED, and as soon as I get a chance to post pictures I will. I'm posting this on my phone.:eek:
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