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  • Paint It Black ·
    Hi Bethany, What have you been up to lately? Any fun Halloween stuff? I always enjoy seeing your projects, and I am sure you have something cool going on.
    ooojen ·
    I hope you wind up deciding to take part in the one-gift reap. You'd be an asset! I'm a big admirer of your creative work.
    matrixmom ·
    sorry bethany - thought the candelabra was lizzybordens....sometimes I get lost with reply with quotes.....:)
    punkineater ·
    Those 'eye bottles' are to die for!!! How did you make the eyes? They're freaky looking...
    in the best way.
    If you don't mind, I'm stealing this idea and adding to my Must Do List.
    Paint It Black ·
    Hey there Bethany, how's your summer so far? I just wanted to say thanks for your comments about my latest projects. You are always so nice!
    Hilda ·
    OHHHHH I need to get caught up with the crafts thread... but I caught the photos of your bottle with faces project. WOW! Those are really cool!!
    MummyOf5 ·
    I've been MIA too. I remember seeing it posted on here too but I couldn't remember who it was that had posted it and thought maybe you might know it. Oh well,
    I'll find it eventually :D
    MummyOf5 ·
    I was wondering if you could give me the link to the christmas sister site of the forum. I know I had it at one time but I can't find it now. :eek:
    GiggleFairy ·
    Bethany, I LOVE the Corpse Coins you made for your victim. I've always wanted some for my Cabinet of Curiosities. What kind of "coin" did you use?
    Hilda ·
    I grabbed some extra ears and fingers yesterday at DT. So if you don't find any soon. Just let me know.
    I'll throw a bag of each your way! :)
    Have a great weekend.
    MC HauntDreams ·
    Can't figure out how to attach image here but just ran across the Bee-do Bee-do fire minion and thought of you. You should take a picture of him and put it in a red painted shadow box. Add a small chain and toy hammer and paint on the glass 'break in case of fire'. Hang it in your kitchen. Lol
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