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  • Nyxy ·
    Hellow. Love the necklace and earrings from the wedding. Should have pics up on facebook and possibly here soon. I'm glad I bought the orange strand and wore it.
    Killamira ·
    OH MY my dear, I LOVE you so! This month has been a tough one for my family, and getting into the Halloween mood(very unusual for us, we are usually biting at the bit) has been a little late to come. Until today when your package arrived. We pulled it into the house amongst the tubs and chaos of trying to get decorated and was over run with giddiness. Once opening and seeing what was inside I was overcome with so much joy, felt your love in your crafts and had the Halloween spirit elevated to 11 !! I will post tomorrow as I am pooped tonight, but we wanted to say thank you and let you know it arrived. Seriously the marquee, oh my goodness I am so very thrilled!
    GiggleFairy ·
    Oh your bottles look great! I've got my labels cut out and lots of bottles, but I haven't stopped to match them up or fill them yet. I'm getting bad about "collecting the parts" and not doing the assembly. Oh well, I've had too much on my plate lately, but I'm about to scrape some of it off. :D Thanks for joining the Spooky Treats & Eats group. Glad to have ya!
    Bella Betty ·
    Hi GiggleFairy,

    It been awhile, but the Halloween itch has begun again. Thanks for asking about the potion bottles--they turned out great! I went a bit overboard and made about 75 or so.........I ended up placing them all in my dining room hutch with lights and other bits of flotsam. I've tried to attach an image, but the detail is not very clear. Thanks again! I'm planning on joining the eats and treats group as the food is always a huge party of our annual party. Hope to talk to you again soon! Bella

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