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  1. Static: Mannequin torso turned Grim Reaper

    Halloween Props
    Sweet lookin' prop
  2. Skeletal sonotube columns

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I am soooooo stealing this idea. I was going to make some columns out of wood but this is way cheaper and original. My last ones were chicken wire and great stuff foam with assorted body parts etc but the never really looked very good.
  3. Planning a Halloween Wedding Theme

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    We got married 2 weeks before halloween with myself being a zombie and my husband being a varmpire/werewolf hybrid (I made the prosthetics myself). Had all the guests in costume and just used all my halloween decorations. Entire wedding cost me $1000 with catering and special effects supplies.
  4. Build your own scratch built corpse DVD

    Product Reviews
    I bought the BUILD YOUR OWN SCRATCH BUILT CORPSE dvd last year from MonsterCloset.com. I just wanted to say that it was very reasonably priced, entertaining in a cheesy way (totally on purpose) and very easy to follow to make nice looking props. I myself have only done the heads and not the...