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  • talkingcatblues ·
    Hey - sorry for the way late reply - I haven't been on in a while! That is old Huit and Ocho, that I had made for our yard a couple of years back. My dad put them out at their place. It was pretty funny. He's never particularly done anything for Halloween, but then last last year without saying anything to anyone ahead of time he put out a sort of plastic light thing that I had found that looked like a spider egg, with Huit's legs sticking out of it. He sent me pictures. And then this last year we went out there to visit and he put up the whole shebang as if now they had hatched. It was fun.

    There are some good Halloweeners in their neighborhood these days - lots of yard stuff out. Someone was having a huge party down the way with tons of kids and adults in great costumes. We stopped by to admire their setup and they were very friendly - I was wondering if they were from here, actually, since they were clearly completely into it.
    GobbyGruesome ·
    Had some bumps and a little slow, but Ok. Hope things went well at your haunt. Looking forward to hearing about it and seeing some photos (if you had time for photos.)
    GobbyGruesome ·
    Yeah. I bet it's so amazing to have help. But I hate having to rely on others...I've got trust issues. I'm sure you'll knock it out of the park as you always do regardless. Don't forget to have fun with all this! It'll be great!
    GobbyGruesome ·
    That's awesome!

    Getting a bit stressed here. Don't know why - yard will be fine even if we just get last year's stuff up, but this organ is scaring me. Hoping we get time to get some other stuff done. It always seems like there's so much going on this time of year and so much other stuff to do - and the weather here is so beautiful. We actually did get started early this year but so many things (not bad things) have popped up. But we'll get there.

    Looking forward to seeing what you're up to but I'm guessing that'll likely be after the fact. :)
    GobbyGruesome ·
    Well I'm finally back working again, so feeling a little bit bette mentally. Got a ton to do though. We're hoping to get some bigger projects done this year (nothing like what you guys do) but we keep getting so much company! Really hoping to have something finished up by the end of September. (We have done a little tombstone so that's something.)

    Glad to hear you're doing OK - and that you'll be doing some haunting this year. Hope things all fall into place for you. We seem to be missing a lot of regulars this year - something in the air maybe.
    GobbyGruesome ·
    It'll project video and stills. Comes with some animations of Santa delivering presents and some Halloween animations too. Pretty low resolution and intensity, so it'll be a bit limited.

    Yeah, I did some Flash animation for TCB - hadn't touched Flash in a while so it was pretty rough but at least it worked for her.
    GobbyGruesome ·
    Hey Bam! Basically forgot my own birthday this year and definitely forgot yours. Hope you had a good one.

    No Halloween-y birthday gifts but I did get one of those little WindowFX projectors for Christmas, so I'll need to play around with that and see what it's capable of.
    GobbyGruesome ·
    Hey Bam. No, no big Christmas plans. My wife kind of hates Christmas and things have gotten kinda strained with my family so it's a bit of a rough time of year. But we have our tree and our lights up and I think I've got my shopping done. It'll be quiet, but it'll be Ok.

    No Dept. 56 Christmas village. That'd likely break us.

    How about you? Any big plans? Are you at least off for a few days?
    Kymmm ·
    Oh my gosh! I LOVE the pictures!! How cool! My hubby thinks I'm crazy when I make him pull over to look at abandoned or hidden cemeteries! I love reading all the stones and putting a story together in my head! I could wander around for hours! lol Thank you SO much for sharing these with me!! I hope you had a nice Halloween!!
    GobbyGruesome ·
    Ah, I think I've gotten pneumonia a couple times after sweeping out the garage after long periods of time. I wonder if it was a similar catalyst?

    Yeah, we got snow the day after Halloween again...nothing horrible this year. But we've had it off and on for the last couple weeks. Should all melt away tomorrow and then be back a couple days later. How about you?
    talkingcatblues ·
    Hello there! Thanks for stopping by!

    I actually had to take this year off from building also, although we did have a nice Halloween otherwise. But yeah, some job transition stuff sucking up time. Hopefully I will be able to set up the scene I was picturing for next year. And definitely looking forward to seeing yours then too! There were some terrific haunts out there this year for sure - very inspiring.
    GobbyGruesome ·
    Just ran out of time this year and didn't really have the space for it anyway. But didn't want to have something that I might have to fiddle with all night with the in-laws visiting.

    I don't know why it's so expensive to ship up here. The bad thing is...one of the services...I think it's UPS...charges a brokerage fee which can be insane. I think I ordered a big box of stuff from Spider Hill - maybe it cost me $180? And then it cost something like $80 to ship and then I was hit with a brokerage fee that was something like $100. I can't remember exactly - and it's not Spider-Hill's fault.

    My wife years ago ordered a Snow White costume from the online Disney store and it was 75% off. But by the time the shipping, customs and brokerage fees were added in, it turned out to be more than the original price. It just sucks.
    GobbyGruesome ·
    Sorry to hear you had pneumonia. I had it last Christmas and it took me out for a loong time. As crappy as the timing is, it's probably quicker to recover before the weather gets cold.

    Glad hear you're back. We're already thinking about next year as well. Kinda bummed we didn't have much new stuff this year . So we're hoping to radically change things next year while putting in as little work as necessary. I find it tough to exclude the stuff that's working though.

    The werewolf, which I still love too, is probably 7 years old and hasn't changed at all in the last 4. He's just got a very awkwardly posed wood legs and then a PVC torso with joints from spider-hill prop works. It'd probably work best if he was 100% PVC but it's not cheap to ship the joints up here. But I DO think that having him in a pose that's a little tougher to accomplish makes a huge difference. Something I need to work on for next year.

    Hope to see you around here more this year. :)
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