bamtunebam's Album: 2012 Haunt
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2012 Haunt

Our 2012 Haunt in order from start to end.
  1. Walking up to the cemetery entrance.
  2. Skeleton pallbearers.
  3. Cemetery.
  4. Graveyard witch.
  5. Cemetery.
  6. Cemetery with zombies in the background.
  7. Cemetery.
  8. A couple zombies. There were a dozen more to the left, but not photographed.
  9. Entrance to the indoor portion.
  10. Chandelier with cobwebs.
  11. Candelabra, swords and cobwebs.
  12. Glowing skull with fog.
  13. Groom and bride.
  14. Vampire killing kit on the left.
  15. Overall first room with Dracula's coffin. We had a live actor as Dracula.
  16. Room two. Frankenstein and the mad scientist lab.
  17. Bubbling glassware, electrical arcs and plasma balls. We also had a live mad scientist.
  18. Overall lab.
  19. Dungeon.
  20. Voodoo witch doctor room with live actor (my wife).
  21. Potions and skulls.
  22. Reaper miniature statue.
  23. Vortex tunnel.
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