BadTableManor's Album: 2010 Shag Party props
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2010 Shag Party props

groovy ghoulies for our Shag-inspred Halloween Soiree'.
  1. Sexiest Costume prize
  2. V-gan-inspired Scariest Costume prize
  3. Shag-inspired shrunken head decoration.
  4. Best Costume prize
  5. Funniest Costume prize
  6. living room web (made it m'self!)
  7. Almost done, just need their legs and they're ready to party like it's 1962.
  8. progress on the martini-sipping werewolf.
  9. My husband's going to be a Shriner for the party. Scored this authentic fez for only $7 on Etsy. Woot!
  10. dem bones
  11. ew
  12. "where... mah... fez...?"
  13. Made a play doh cast of my foot with hot glue. When pulling my foot out of the doh, it naturally distorts the impression, giving this nice, wonky...
  14. You put your left foot in...
  15. The guy that started it all. I loved making him so much, that I'm attempting to replicate him in a life-sized version.
  16. The beginning of my life-size (about 5' 9" tall) mummy, will be based on the small mummy I made in my Craft Fair album. Wish me luck!
  17. The inspiration for my Shag martini-sipping werewolf.
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