AuraofForeboding's Album: Halloween 2010... in JULY!
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Halloween 2010... in JULY!

These photos will look familiar, because I just set up what I did in 2005, with some minor changes. I had a forum member wanting to buy the package, and of course I did not video tape it. Doh! Video coming very soon!
  1. SLDetail1SM
  2. Our soothsayer "Madame Belben" performing evil.
  3. I made all the fake candles in the scene too.
  4. Details on the tombstones we made
  5. Lighting change.
  6. I couldn't get enough of this part of the scene.
  7. I love that old wrought Iron candle holder I found.
  8. close up on my fake  candles
  9. Love ths smoke above her head.
  10. This is a really fun moment.
  11. Is anything better then when the smoke and lighting is right?
  12. Never imagined I would love the firelight as much as I did.
  13. Yeah, she gets a little upset.
  14. This is a split second moment where she shatters like glass.
  15. she's ablaze.
  16. Here she is close up. Although her crystal ball is over exposed the special effects in it my editor friend did are AMAZING.
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