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  1. Nightmare Circus Yard Haunt is back!!

    General Halloween
    luv it ... 2 thumbs up :) amk
  2. Any suggestions for how to make my yard scarier and more interactive?!

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    btw, it looks good :-) fog would bring everything up a notch :) laser vortex and/or line lasers with the fog as well your existing blue lighting may be generating some uv light as well ... painting the tombstones "cracks" & inscriptions with fluorescent paints would make them "pop" amk
  3. 2019 Halloween Lessons Learned

    General Halloween
    although on the expensive side ($360 on amazon at this time), years ago i researched and purchased a fog fury 3000 pro-sumer fogger because it has a continuous function which is perfect for my applications for laser vortex & line lasers ... its been working like a champ :-) ... btw i do store it...
  4. Why? Please tell me why!

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    generally, i purchase "animatronic" props for their looks, not their motion ... i use these on our covered porch amk
  5. 2019 Halloween Lessons Learned

    General Halloween
    been using a laser vortex and a "homemade line laser" with faggers for years ... the vortex and fogger worked like it was supposed to :-) i didn't have time for the other fogger for the line laser that i purchased and it worked ok, not as good as before ... at the end of the night when the tots...
  6. ToT numbers, let's have them

    General Halloween
    we had ~350ish, still haven't tallied how many glow sticks we gave out, so a pretty good turn out ... our max was over 500 a few years ago :-0 amk
  7. Programmable projector.

    Halloween Props
    something to consider is an led projector & keeping it on all the time? shouldn't use much power, i would think of course finding something that's inexpensive & natively outputs at least 720p might be a challenge, but it depends of the video if that's a show stopper ... something like ghosts or...
  8. Hollusion trunk or treat idea

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    have you thought about just doing a rear projection instead? might be simpler amk
  9. Fun new Halloween music video "Spiderwebs In My Hair!"

    Halloween Music
    i like it, well done! out of curiosity, what font did you use? amk
  10. 2019 Halloween mixes

    Halloween Music
    couldn't find the download links from the sites for "The Beastles" stuff ... can anyone please help me? thx amk
  11. Thought these were clever

    Halloween Crafts
    dollar store tombstones are also good for neighbor kids to "help" with ;-) amk
  12. Running out of ideas đź’ˇ

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    have you considered black lights in your porch? we pretty much do the same thing every year, but its always different ... i know it doesn't make sense, lol ... so maybe take a look at our site thathalloweenhouse.xyz, where we've been posting videos from our past years, to get some ideas? amk
  13. Ideas for a witch haunting my house

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    has she left them some slime? ... all kids luv slime :) you can make your own, of course amk
  14. Very cool horror sound effects machine - The Apprehension Engine

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    that is kewl :) now, i just need time to make one :-( amk
  15. Distressing overalls

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    don't know if you'll have enough time, but burying them in dirt does wonders as well ... don't leave them too long or they'll disintegrate ... been there, done that :-( D'OH! you can experiment with some of the excellent suggestions above ... more than one way to skin a cat amk