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  • Yubney ·
    I've been away a while. Howdy! Some big news is that I've been asked by the owner of Guthrie Haunt Scaregrounds to be their new Creative Director! They were ranked last year by 2 ranking sites as 3rd and 5th (respectively) best in Oklahoma. I hope to bump that up for this year!
    Curlgoddess ·
    Have the zombies gotten hold of you? :confused: I sure hope not!
    Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Hope you're working on fun Halloween stuff :D
    creeeepycathy ·
    hey! how have you been?????
    Thank you very much for the pic comment. :) :)
    Yeah, had surgery the day after T'giving. All is wonderful now.... actually better than ever.:) Fixin' to start planning my new theme... an insane asylum. :)
    what in the he!! have you been up to? :)
    Curlgoddess ·
    I'm glad that you like the vid :) I'm excited about it being added to the collection of haunt vids on the Home Haunter's DVD. Even if I don't place, at least it will be more exposure to the haunt world.
    I have no idea what has been going on around the forum for the past couple of months. I've really taken to blogging this year and it's been extremely fulfilling :) I miss my peeps on here though. Some people on here have blogs, but not most.
    I try to pop in here every now and again to touch base with a few people. Posting pictures has become a pain in the butt though. I don't know if the forum changed the way things are posted, or it it's just harder from my Mac. I still haven't completely figured that wacky computer out yet ;)
    Anyway, you should get into blogging. You'd like it and a lot of great haunters are there (PumpkinRot & Chris of Davis Graveyard).
    Planning for 2012 is all ready underway! Check my blog for updates =) I'm more consistant with updating there.

    Hope you're doing well :)

    alucard ·
    Pics are coming, life keeps getting in the way! LOL
    Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! I'll be back sooooon!
    Curlgoddess ·
    Happy Belated Halloween!
    I hope that you had a great Halloween this year to make up for missing it last year.
    I've yet to post my pictures, but I hope to get them up over the weekend.
    Looking forward to seeing yours!
    MonsterBoss ·
    Hi! I came across the Zombie sign one night while I was at work. Someone broke into one of the signs and reprogrammed it. It was so hysterical that I had to have a picture. It was right out on a main road. It was awesome lol! My favorite roadsign ever!
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