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  1. need help!!

  2. Puppetry

    General Halloween
    Haunts use them all the time, check out Gore-galore.com he sells a bunch of puppet based things. He is also teaching a class on them a Transworld.
  3. Mechanical: Any thoughts on how this is done?

    Halloween Props
    I looked at it, I was at the show talked to Ed, it is a centrifuge type set up, spinning vertical not horizontal, then the wiggle of foam and latex do the rest of the work.
  4. Mechanical: Any thoughts on how this is done?

    Halloween Props
    they are made with any mototor with a arm attached to the shaft, then a weight attached to that. as it spins it shifts the weight from one side to the other.
  5. Sound Effect for Alice in Wonderland Theme

    Halloween Music
    Very nice repo,I love it! I am doing an Alice haunt in five years, do you mind if I hang onto this?
  6. Other: make and take Dallas, Texas

    Halloween Props
    Depending on the date I am in! sounds like fun,I could even host if we needed me to. I have a good space.
  7. Has Anyone Ever Done a Winter Theme?

    General Halloween
    I do a Yeti themed haunt every five years called "Frozen with Fear".It is a ton of fun and you can really do some cool sets with that kind of theme, lots of ice and snow! Also blood on the snow is a very strong visual.
  8. Dallas make and take

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    depending on the date, Im in.
  9. Dallas premier home haunt PINE LAKES CEMETERY selling 2011 props.. best static props

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Im interested in the scarecrows, email me. [email protected]
  10. Airbrushing Props

    Yeah, thats a good kit. I also really like the $10 quick change single action AB they have.
  11. I need help with my scarecrow mask

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    - Will I be able to breathe well in it? Will I need to make air holes (or slits)? I don't have any respiratory problems just in case that is a factor. you will be able to breathe OK in it. seperate the weave abit around the mouth area and that will help.you can also run a lighter over...
  12. Has anyone built a BIG monster costume?

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    LOL, I make a lot of stilt costumes (hence the name Stiltbeast). I also make a lot of tree costumes. For stilts i believe two styles are superior. Marshaltown skywalker 2.0s, and Surstilt Magnesium two poled stilts- they are very stable and very light weight. I will be doing a Stalkaround type...
  13. Airbrushing Props

    Great info and a different perspective than mine- well done. I use Harbor freights airbrushes and have no clog issues at all- More expensive airbrushes seem to = more clogs. I have an eclipse, a few vJL's from pashay (will never remember that spelling), a 4 grex genesis, and the $20 Harbor...
  14. When actors fail?

    General Halloween
    Lots of toilet humor, lots of screaming in the face and poor timing- and unrealistic expectations from the actors- almost all of that can be fixed with training. Lackluster and young yes, but they could improve. It disturbs me that the oldest one there appears to be 15. You should mix the ages...
  15. In need of 6 gallons of latex or should I use floor latex

    Halloween Props
    screamline studios carries five gallon buckets of latex.