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  • bamtunebam ·
    Thank you for the kind comments regarding my mad scientist lab. It is one of my favorite scenes. Also included in the lab is a Jacob's Ladder (electric arc). Another feature is that all of my chemistry bubbles and boils. It was a lot of fun to make.
    Pumpkin5 ·
    Hey, thanks again for the information on "The Carver", the one I ordered came yesterday, and I LOVE him!
    Pumpkin5 ·
    :eek: Oh, wow, I was going to just bow down before you because that is spectacular! Still you found it and you did put together that wonderful Reaper package.....That piece is so cool and Trick R Treat is one of my all time favorite movies. I actually have got to find one now.....I just LOVE it! Thanks for telling me where you bought it. (she says distractedly as she types in Ebay in the search bar....):D
    Pumpkin5 ·
    :confused:Did you make the SAM character that you sent in your Secret Reaper box??? OMG! That is just wonderfully wonderful.:D I am amazed, it is from the original cartoon that the movie is based on, and you captured SAM perfectly.
    Miss Erie ·
    You wanna share pictures of our bozos? :D Well you've just opened Pandora's Box LOL!!! I'd love to see your pics.
    I'm having trouble posting my pics right now. I'll try again in another message.
    Hilda ·
    I wanted to tell you I replied to your question about the wood cemetery fence on that picture. Thanks! :D
    Hilda ·
    Hi! Thanks for your comments on my Skeleton Invasion pictures. I answered your questions on there. I just don't know if it notifies you that I replied.
    Thanks again! :D
    hallorenescene ·
    welcome aboard the blow mold group. good luck on your hunt for blow molds. I know when I spot one at a garage sale, I can't get out of the car quick enough. it's always a thrill to score another
    CoffinWorm ·
    Haha, not mine unfortunately, but if it were, I don't think I'd part with it either!
    I am hoping to have my own soon though. :)
    Terra ·
    Thanks so much for the sweet comments. She took me several months and would you belive she was my first sculpt? :)
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