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  • a_granger ·
    Hi ajbanz, I just wanted to say thanks for being a great victim, I left a rather subtle clue in the letter. And wasn't sure it would be caught. :). I meant to put a tag on the wall mount face, it lights up if you pull out the little pit light in the back of the base. It's removable so the batteries can be replaced. Thanks again, I had a blast trying to get your ghosts ready. Happy Haunting!!!
    GiggleFairy ·
    I'm so in love with the carved pumpkin in your avatar! If my hands would only allow me to carve like that these days I would have a faux pumpkin like that in a snap.
    notjustaphaze ·
    This is my tracking number for justwhipser........46883341500849...fed ex...it is due in by wednesday...
    thanks for setting this up... it was alot of fun
    Drucilla Skreem ·
    ajbanz it looks like my package was delivered yesterday Oct 20. Again, thank you so much for all your putting into the Secret Reaper II. I really appreciate you!
    22606 ·
    I just received the gift from you today and wanted to thank you. I love the crystal skull (I've been wanting one for quite awhile now, but most aren't exactly affordable). Thanks so much;)
    GiggleFairy ·
    OMG I love my package! It was like Splendora Cromwell's bag that you can dig in and dig in and never get to the bottom! Such a surprise. I'll post pics as soon as I can. There are so many pieces that are "my favorite", lol. Thanks a million!
    obsessedjack ·
    I just got your package yesterday!! Thank you so much!! My husband started tearing into it before I even could.lol. And he says he's not that into Halloween...suuuurrreee.lol. I love everything. Especially the piggy bank. My MIL and I had just gotten back from the doctor to see the little bean again on the ultrasound. We all started cracking up when we saw the piggy bank. Think I need to start a college fund.lol. It's all awesome though. I'm listening to the cd right now actually. Love it! Thank you again!!!:D
    Spookilicious mama ·
    WOW! What a super fabulous suprise I got from the mailman today!!! Of course I think you know that already:) ajbanz that was so super sweet of you and I LOVE everything! the candles are exactly the ones I use with my two spider candles, I can always use moss and music ( I love getting halloween CD's), skulls and skelleys and the signs I cant wait to do something with Thank you so so much for thinking of me. I post about my fabulous gift on the pay it foward thread! :) Thank you again lady you made my day!
    BadTableManor ·
    Thank you SO MUCH for the cds! Am so looking forward to listening to them this weekend. And yes, I would love to switch with gigglefairy once I've downloaded them. Thank you! *mwah!*
    Tish ·
    I hope you score some good stuff. We found all the non Halloween stuff, crib, sandbox, school chairs etc. through Freecycle and yard sales. We also found this creepy music, here is one of the files 04-Evilsmallworld.mp3 . Can't seem to find the rest of the group, the same user had uploaded a bunch.
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