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  • Spider Rider ·
    I'm next door in Folsom, there are also some elaborate haunts in El Dorado Hills and are members here too. "thefireguy" is one and I'm blanking on the other but will let you know when I remember.
    One eyed Mick ·

    Sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner. I have been off the board for a bit as I have been moving from California out to our place in New Mexico. I was located in the Wine Country of Sonoma County, but I am now in the moutains of New Mexico..."Billy the Kid Country"!

    I hope all goes well with your Halloween!

    Halloweenie1 ·
    Hi Adam,

    Seen you around a few posts on Forum....checked out your blog, coming along nicely by the way. Great info. on shows. And so pleased to hear Elvira is returning this year, I am a fan. Please join my friends list if you would like. :)

    Take care, H1
    JohnnyAppleseed ·
    For the column build you will need:

    9 - 2x2x8's
    4 - 1x2x8's

    3 - sheets 4x8 (1/4" thick) CDX plywood (can substitute foamboard insullation if desired)

    2 lengths of exterior grade 1/2 round trim
    2 lengths of exterior grade moulding (lower trim)
    2- 2x3x8 boards (middle and upper trim)

    Hope this helps with your build, sorry it took a bit, missed the earlier post somehow.
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