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  1. Help With Song List!

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I'm putting a list together for our DJ and have hit a mental roadblock! The list is: Monster Mash, Thriller, Werewolves of London and The Time Warp annnnnd that's it. Help!
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  3. Got my Secret Reaper gifts!

    General Halloween
    I'm so glad you liked it Dark Star! The little skellie hands come in packs of 12 from......Dollar Tree! They're great and they clip together so you can hang them on things. I'm REALLY pleasantly surprised at what good stuff DT had this year.
  4. Halloween Party Nightmare - are we going nuts?

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    I had almost that exact nightmare last night....it was Halloween afternoon and I didn't have anything set up and forgot to buy candy. It was HORRIBLE!
  5. Halloween Honey Do List

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    I have the list all right, it's getting the cranky honey to do it that's the problem. He's not a big Halloween fan so we used to have a quid pro quo deal for projects but he claims that I've given him so many IOUs that he now wants...errr...."payment" in advance. ;)
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  7. The Questions game

    Are you coordinated enough for stilt-walking?
  8. Price of pumpkins where you live?

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    I bought some white pumpkins when we went apple picking for .55 per pound and the regular were .49.
  9. Got my shirt today!

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    AWWWW Maley, you guys look great! Use that picture for your Christmas cards! Got our shirts yesterday (love them!) but didn't get one for the husband since he's always harassing me about being on the forum so now he's pouting. :rolleyes:
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  11. The Questions game

    Are you TRYING to make me vomit?
  12. HSN Haunted House RIGHT NOW!

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    HSN is running it's Haunted House sale from 11-1 today. I'm not sure if they have anything good but it might be worth checking out!
  13. renewed spirit for Halloween

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    Since the kids have gone back to school and started all their activities I've had ZERO time to even think of Halloween but we took the girls (and co.) to Spirit Friday night and the sun was just going down and there was a crispness in the air and I got that old feeling of Halloween excitement...
  14. Word association

  15. The Questions game

    Don't the torch get passed at the wedding?