3pinkpoodles's Album: 2014 Classic Halloween - Vampires, Witches, Frankenstein's Lab
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2014 Classic Halloween - Vampires, Witches, Frankenstein's Lab

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We did a classic theme this year, TWO TIMES> First at the kids' elementary school haunted house. Then in our back yard on 10-31, which was our first ever "walk through". The rain ALL DAY on 10-31 "dampened" my mood, but I think it turned out pretty well, considering the soggy weather. Rain stopped during trick or treat hours, which was nice! These photos are a compilation of both events.
  1. Jeeves at dusk.  Awesome candlabra- new this year
  2. Flying Crank Ghost 2014 Flickering bulbs in all outdoor fixtures HALLOWEEN
  3. I made columns this year using cement tubes, the Styrofoam on outer edges, then made Styro "bricks" for outer facade.  Pretty easy considering I...
  4. My cement tube Halloween columns !
  5. Fortune Teller Seance scene. Halloween 2014. Still working on this to be better for next year.
  6. Haunted Entry Chamber. Rain prevented me from putting up scene setter as back drop
  7. My 2013 Spirit fireplace
  8. Entry Chamber- no scene setter. Rain issues
  9. Dracula ground breaker in a coffin HALLWOEEN
  10. Headless Grandin Road boy turned into headless dracula child
  11. Fortune teller scene needs HUGE improvement for next year!
  12. Seance fortune teller scene.  A work in progress
  13. Vampire Scene. Back Yard walk through. Halloween 2014
  14. Costco skeletons. Grandin Road vampire portraits.
  15. Love this wig.
  16. All dressed up in his finest cape
  17. Looking through the sheer curtains into the scene
  18. Frankenstein Mad Lab 2014
  19. Dracula Dinner Scene. Back Yard walk through 2014. Halloween
  20. Dracula Dinner Scene. Back Yard walk through 2014. Halloween. TOT's were able to view the scene through the sheer IKEA curtains.
  21. I once thought this little mannequin was creepy. He's not. I need to make him more threatening next year!
  22. Mad Lab equipment made from old child's kitchen play set
  23. Frankenstein leered out the window as trick or treaters walked by
  24. The wet mad lab. Rained ALLLLLL day on Halloween. Stopped for trick or treat time though.
  25. Frankenstein lab detail in day time
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