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The Mrs. to a MysterE
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WOw -- just wow... You really can't get much better than this when it comes to a family portrait SS!
That fireplace has got to be one of the most spectacular I have ever sen! Now tell me you did it all out of foam... I especially love the skelly flamingo peeking out of the flames! Very cool..

jester girl
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wow is that fire place awesome. nice background for the family picture. is this your house or an attraction you visited? it is way to cool. you guys make a nice looking family. your little one is adorable and in the spirit.

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Thanks. Its not mine. I wish it were mine. Its at a local halloween themed indoor mini golf/game room facility near our house. The place is called "Monster Mini Golf".

Crawling in my skin
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Okay that answered my question about that wonderful fireplace lol! Nice family pic!

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