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thats a very nicely done costume. Mrs Lovetts dress is very well detailed! wow what did she use for the trim around the neck? it looks exact like the movie. i know in the movie one there were little golden leaf shaped beads that were hand embroidered onto it, it would be interesting to see if i could do that and make a 99.99999% accurate Lovett dress. haha imagine that
and your sweeney costume is very good! i would like to know where you got your shirt. and i see that you have bought one of the official prop replica razors. how many of those do you own? the makeup on both of you looks pretty good as well. only suggestion for if you do this costume again is go lighter on the white makeup, i have no idea what you used for it, but when i do my makeup (i dont do it myself, my friend does it for me, but she is kind of becoming a makeup artist) she uses pale-ish foundation or something and thenuses red/brown eyeshadow on me. so i looked pale, but not white. overall a very good Sweeney Todd and Mrs Lovett cosplay (cosplay=costume play, u dress up as a character and attempt to act and sound like the characters, also cosplayers work really hard on their cosplays to make them as accurate as possible)

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To be honest, I can't remember what she used for the trim. I'll have to ask her. I had my shirt made by a wonderful costume designer who does, in fact, do a lot of cosplay stuff. I only have the one razor. I made my own holster out of scrap leather & a kit from the craft store. The makeup looked 100 times better by the last time we dressed up. We dressed up 3 times, one for the party in the picture, then twice once we got down to New Orleans. I'll see if I can't post some of those pics as well.

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