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Maus jig.jpg

Spring is here and I decided on building some bird houses but not just any bird house. I decided to build a concept build of my Dr. Marcus mausoleum as a "walk thru" design. So since I'm go thru the trouble of building one , I might as well build seven of them. Seven is the perfect number.

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This is a picture of the jig holding the prototype. I haven't quite worked out the proportions yet. I wanted to use 1" to 1ft but of course, you can't get that without making it. So I used 3/4" instead. I did something you're not suppose to do and that is build something without out having all the parts in hand. I ordered a door and some fancy trim. The right way would have been to build everything around the door since its a fixed measurement. This has caused the walls to be an inch too tall to my liking. So now I wait for the doors.

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