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Ok. I know I look like a freak. lol
And the picture is not the greatest.
However, this is a *great* effect and scared the bejesus out of a zillion kids last year.
I built a false wall and blocked in a little hallway that leads to my powder room.
Took a big picture frame from Goodwill and covered it with the window film they use for 2 way mirrors at police stations. It wasn't cheap ($30), but well worth the money. Call any place that sells specialty window film and they should be able to help you. *Don't* buy the cheap reflective film for cars. No good.
Then I cut a hole in the fake wall and set up my frame.
When the space behind the frame is dark, the film acts as a mirror. When we turned on the lights (we used the low-watt chandelier with flicker bulbs above), it *really* looks like there is a ghost standing with you in your reflection. Same principle as the ghosts at the end of the Haunted Mansion. Moaning and whispering helps too.
We had a little story about how we bought the mirror at a yard sale in Amityville and told the kids if they looked really hard, they would see their future. Then my daughter would unveil the light and moan 'I'm deeeeeead!!!' lol We are sick.

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that is to awesome. but i am confused, do you have someone standing on the other side that they see? i would have been scared too. i love your makeup in that pic.

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