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I think we're keeping to a "fun" and "cheap" theme this year. Since we're new here, we're a little afraid that things will go missing. And, as luck would have it, Halloween day is now full of appointments for the kids. So, the less I have to put out the day of, the better.

I'm planning on putting my ghost lady out (she is an FCG without the FC, she's static), and Becky the Bucky with Wally the Walgreens skellie sitting at a table on the porch, tipping back Halloween champagne glasses. I also have the "Floating Headless Ghost" from Five Below to put out,spooky LED candleabras, and some Jack o'lanterns. I probably will not put more tombstones out, and no creatures in the yard.

If you look closely, you can see a green goblin in the left-most first level window, and a pair of ghosts in the next visible window. There is another green goblin in the right-most upstairs window, but the porch roof covers it in the photo. You can't see all 12 bats, nor all of the 5 ft skeleton next to the front door, the two tombstones on the porch, or the skull door knocker on the front door.

Generally, I don't do "campy" scenes, I try to make it "eerie", but this is better than nothing at all, IMO.

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