"I was taking a walk through the back of the City Park when I saw a cave! I walked into the cave, I fell down through a big hole in the floor, I was now deep under ground, and there was THE DEVIL!" Then Mickey the neighbor boy who lived up the hill just a few houses away would grab me in the ribs and harshly tickle me!
"Then the Devil grabbed me AGAIN!" And Mickey would grab my best friend Mike in his ribs and tickle him!
This all happened in the dark inside my Parent's abandoned Coal Bin a room half underground, all concrete Dark and Cold even on a Summer afternoon.
Mickey was older, taller, he could easily open and close the big wooden and steel door in the roof, Mike and I could not.
He told us this same story a few times but once I plotted with Mike that when the coal bin went dark, that he and I would shift over to the empty corner, which we did, and we befuddled Mickey! Of course, he eventually found us in the empty corner and tickled us.
Mickey was kind of my "Hero", he seemed like such a smart boy, seemed to be able to do so much.
Mickey's Dad worked for the US Government, they moved to the Southwestern US.
I was told just a few years ago that when Mickey was a 20yr. old he took a" bottle" and a Gun out to the desert but never came back.
My Mother told me a few years ago that the adults in the neighborhood considered Mickey to be more like "Eddy Haskle" ("Leave It To Beaver") Sort of annoying Smart-Azz kid.
I wished Mickey would have been able to have found himself, then returned from that Desert.......I would like to have met him as one adult to another Adult.