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    In my dream world I try to run away
    From the nightmares of monsters who want me to stay
    They want me to be tortured, burned and multilated
    all of the time
    they want me to stay in darkness and not go towards the light

    Talons and scales are what grab at me
    I can feel each tug and I can feel myself bleed
    Their faces are scary with hellish laughter or groans
    I just want to leave here and to be left alone

    Don't come to the surface out of your realm
    You all can stay down in your nightmarish hell
    You ghouls and ghosts and dancing bones too
    You beasts,witches and all of you goons

    I want to run away,I want to wake up
    in this nightmarish place is one place I don't want to be stuck
    So somebody shake me or give me a pinch
    for this place is too real to where I can smell the stench

    The stench of decay and death all around
    hearing screams of poor victims as these vermin lounge around
    waiting patiently for their suffering kill
    waiting to rip out their souls and take their will

    Will somebody help me and not let them win
    I don't want others to come and see where I,ve been
    you all need to stay awake and be aware
    learn to be alert and try to beware

    For the nightmares to come are not meant to be enjoyed
    this is surely one place....one place to avoid
    At all costs and these words I say true
    "If you start to have a nightmare.....then they'll COME AFTER YOU!!!"

    rod spain

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    I'm glad you all are coming up with good ones. I'm no poet. Only verse of poetry I've ever read was "The Congo". And that's because I was told to by a school teacher. So you can imagine that was a long time ago.
    Black Widow, give it a shot! If I can rhyme two words together it cant be that hard! LOL Looking forward to reading yours as well.
    When I started this post I had in mind a collection of nursery rhymes that you would not want to recite to kids. Basing them around the bed or bedroom. Taking a 'safe' place and making it scary. Maybe even invoking or inspiring dark humor. I'm looking forward to everyone's contributions on this thread. Thanks again for your poems.

    Memo from the Official Chief Clown of Cheap Props. “After death bathing is optional.”

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    Hey Putrid!You're the guy that unleashed these morbid rhymes in me so pat yurself on that back.Ya done good and you ain't so bad yerself!Here's one:

    Let's play Wake The Dead

    Let's play wake the dead!
    I do believe there's a cemetary up ahead!
    I'll grab the shovels and you grab the picks
    and we'll open as many before we get sick!

    Look there's one that says Uncle Furd
    Judging by the way he was dressed I bet he was a nerd!
    And here is one thats marked Auntie Flitt
    she still looks fresh even tho she's quite stiff!

    Marty O'Cally was a rough Irish dude
    whose epitath said that he was a drunk and quite crude
    Then here lies pretty Lolita Schwann
    she was drop dead gorgeous until she fooled with NAPALM!

    Big bad Hendell is next on our list
    they say that he could crack a man's skull
    with one blow of his fist!

    Bob Surkanney was the creepiest of them all
    because he had only one eye and only part of a jaw.
    He use to walk through the streets of the town all alone
    and every step that he would take you could hear cracking in his bones!

    Wake the dead is a fun game to play
    because the dead won't get up and walk away.
    They'll lay in their half rotted graves
    staring up at you and acting quite well behaved

    So next time you feel in the mood for a treat
    go to your local graveyard before dark and take a qick peek
    at some of the words that are written in stone
    that that is clear....some of the names that you read are kinda WEIRD!

    rod spain

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    Like it!

    Dinner and a blanket

    Night has come now start your dreaming.
    All night nightmares all that screaming.
    Putrid evil non redeeming.
    clawing, crawling, reaching, clinging!

    How can this all be in your head.
    If you don’t wake up will you be in bed?
    You’ll find yourself somewhere ells instead.
    Lonely, crying and full of dread!

    Now close your eyes and fall to sleep.
    But when you fall don’t fall too deep.
    From behind I’ll start to creep.
    When I catch you, you I’ll keep!

    Memo from the Official Chief Clown of Cheap Props. “After death bathing is optional.”

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    Quick!Pull the blanket right over your face!
    There's no time to lose,no time to waste!
    The shadows are dancing as the night comes near
    You're scared but excited also full of fear.

    Night brings those creepy images of dread
    as you peek through the covers to see whats overhead.
    Is it a witch,a goblin or a disgusting ghoul?
    Is it something thats real ugly or something thats cool?

    Theres scrapping on the window pane coming from outside
    Is it a tree limb scrapping or is it something alive?
    Night brings about those hideous signs of fear
    Helping you to conjure up images of things that come near

    An owl outside begins to hoot
    It's scaring you so bad that you want to throw your boot
    at the owl who hooting is causing you to be scared
    but you don't get out of bed,you don't even dare!

    You just lie there trembling hoping nothing comes in
    but if it did,then what would happen then?
    You'd scream until you couldn't scream no more
    as you conjure up monsters and ghouls by the hordes

    You'd wake up everyone that's trying to sleep
    those who have worked hard all day and resting so deep
    You'd say that's there's something laying under your bed
    something waiting for you to lay down your head

    So you dare not make a single little sound
    to fake those vermin into thinking you're not around
    and all those things that fill you with dread
    all of those images that you have conjured up in you head!

    rod spain

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    I laid down the book beside of the bed
    I fought sleep for hours, something I dred
    I read alot, very prolific
    Morrison's Navy, the entire Pacific
    Admiral, Navy Historian, the book was thick
    every battle, each ship, quite a trick
    Years later his Grandson would make us hum
    "Lizard King", "Light My Fire", "Love Street"
    but now he's long passed "done"...
    Nasty required sleep captured me as seas were rolling
    Sailing ships, masts, with no Captain controlling
    Deamon Lover's ship, famous old poem
    "I'm taking off this dress, leave me alone!"
    "I noticed your hooves when we left the shore,
    And I'm not that stupid, at least not anymore!"
    As those sails broke and the water came up
    Wood underfoot became steel rolled out by "Krupp"
    The seaplane spotted the U-boat! We dive to remain alive
    Inside this "Pig Boat"full of stench, I'm one of 35
    Sausages swing from conduits, still have food
    Glorify war, no , this is real crude!
    Steel sinking mass-coffins, watery graveyard
    Locate Gramp's "marker"? James Cameron would have it hard!
    Too much "Navy", too much "Sea"
    I woke too late,yellow water is drowning me!

    "My Insanity is well-respected, until they wiggle free and become a stringer for a tabloid"

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    Billy awoke, crawled out of his bed,
    unable to have nice dreams
    after the stories his big brother had said,
    Little Billy was afraid, but his bed would not be wet,
    He could "hold-it" til over the target,
    Big-Brother's bed? YOU BET!

    "My Insanity is well-respected, until they wiggle free and become a stringer for a tabloid"

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    THAT'S THE SPIRIT!!! Gym, good one! And Rod, totaly cool.

    Thanks guys. Without your help this post would be a dead one for sure! Or in this case 'put to sleep'. LOL

    Reminder from your O.C.C.O.C.P. “Ready...Set.....PROP!!!"

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    Sunday school was vivid
    with ancient tales emotional and livid
    Warriors, slaves, catapults and kings
    Pyramids,chariots, torture and bad things
    pursued across the sands,
    Moses took it into God's hands
    The Red Sea did then part
    But only for awhile
    "We made it!" Billy smiled.
    He wanted to be in with Moses
    Close, missed only by a noses
    Billy's chariot fought the under tow
    Billy's sheets and matress were wet, he blames slow , old Pharoh

    "My Insanity is well-respected, until they wiggle free and become a stringer for a tabloid"

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    Come my children
    come close and come near
    let me tell this story
    this story of horror and fear

    Its a story of a man
    a man who was rich
    Through life he had everything
    he had found his true ninch

    He lived in a house
    way up on the hill
    he threw lavish parties
    and bought constantly at will

    His mother was elderly
    was always quite sick
    she would drive the maids crazy
    with the pounding of her stick

    Constantly complaining
    never giving an inch
    she was a greedy old bat
    and a nasty old witch

    She would beat the help
    who were forced to be employed
    the old woman didn't care for them
    and their feelings were ignored

    Her son would party
    and always womanized
    he would get so drunk
    that he would have blood red eyes

    One of the maids had
    gotten completely fed up
    her back was scarred and bruised
    and she had had enough

    On that fateful night
    she went to the mother's bed
    took out a hammer
    and smashed her in the head

    Then she went to her son
    who wanted her for his desires
    she saw that he was drunk again
    as he laid next to the fire

    So he tried to take her
    but couldn't get off the floor
    Then she nailed in the head
    with edge of a board

    Then threw him in the fire
    and burnt him to a crisp
    could barely recognize him
    except for his lips

    So for years life was decent
    as the maid did her daily chores
    Little did she realize
    that the son was not to be ignored

    The ghoulish burnt remains
    were coming back for revenge
    this spelled death for the maid
    and soon to be her end

    The charred corpse walked towards the house
    his clothes rotted and soiled
    but one thing was for sure
    you don't mess with Charles Broyled

    Into the house he came
    with a loud,sickly yell
    the sound like something demonic
    something that came out of HELL

    The maid woke and saw
    the corpse over her
    she tried to scream
    but could not be heard

    He grabbed her by her throat
    and gave it a twist
    her veins and skin splattered
    as he pounded her with his fists

    But the torture did not last
    as her bloodied corpse was not spared
    Charles Broyled grabbed her body
    pulled her by her hair

    "You were cute while I was living
    and while you had your stinking life
    but my dear dead maiden
    I'm gonna take you as my wife!"

    So from the day the maid disappeared
    the house still remains
    you can still hear manical laughter
    from the ones who went insane

    You can hear ghostly screams
    from the one whoses plans were foiled
    because no one and I mean no one
    messes with Charle Broyled!

    rod spain

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