Any writing enthusiasts?
Hello there, is this your first visit?
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    Default Any writing enthusiasts?

    Any writing enthusiasts?
    Almost a decade ago 🙈, I created a character who would be the interactive host of a Halloween bash I was planning
    Sample here:

    Year 1 2009 was a house party with around 50 people attending.
    Year 2 2010 was a private function with about 90 in attendance and the introduction of the virtual host above.
    Year 3 2011 was a bigger charity event with around 150 revellers and a live actor playing the host.(see attached image)

    Then life got in the way, children and work meant time and money wasn't in abundance.

    So...lately the urge has been niggling to resurrect this guy. So I've started a character profile and general back story.

    I wondered if anyone on here was a keen writer and would fancy seeing if they could bring this guy to life ( pun intended🤣&#x1f923.

    I'd like to keep ownership of this guy but would love to see what people can come up with😊
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    Dominic repa.
    A monk of the ???? Order. Who prized learning and knowledge (more facts tbc)

    Dominic joined the order in the 1700s aged 23 and became well know for his devotion to the study of all human knowledge. He spent years in solitary study. Around the age of 30 Dominic appears to have stopped studying as his writing disappeared.
    Mystery surrounds him as well as some horrific myths and legends. He was accused of misconduct and abandoning his faith and vows. It is said that during his studies he learned of an ancient ritual which would enlighten the practitioner to a higher level of awareness and knowledge. Rumour has it that this ritual was of a sinister source and was the work of an older satanic cult, designed to trick the practitioner into performing a twisted ritual and opening a gateway to hell.

    Dominic has been corrupted by the evil of this ritual. At almost 300 years old he is decrepit, withered and small. He's very strong however as the power of the twisted ritual gives him his sustenance in order for him to fulfil the rituals purpose. He is now trapped and must find 5 souls to sacrifice in the final black ritual which will open the gates of hell and unleash evil into the world.
    The 5 poor souls will be placed at the points of a pentegram while repa is in the centre conducting the black ritual in Latin.

    Unknown, but central to the story, is the ancient and now lost monastery which has many undiscovered secret tunnels with many underground passageways leading to sites across Edinburgh. For decades many of the sites have had horror stories attached to them of people going missing only to turn up weeks later dead.
    One particular site is Old Keith House, a local town hall/community centre. Largely unused and abandoned Keith House is to be the venue of a large Halloween event. Hundreds of teenagers from across the city have been purchasing tickets to attend the event to see some famous local djs and dance acts.
    This will be the hunting ground for Dominic.
    A few of the revellers, failing to heed the warnings wander into some out of bounds areas and discover some subterain passages when they accidentally collapse debris and uncover the passages.

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    Any writing enthusiasts?
    Yep..screen shots of the gatekeeper from atmosfear. Lol
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    I write occasionally. Give me some time, probably after Halloween

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    Quote Originally Posted by Artcurus View Post
    I write occasionally. Give me some time, probably after Halloween
    Looking forward to it.

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