It is a tiny old town, actually rather "quaint"
Seems so pleasant, friendly, but "Human it ..ain't
Standing bored on the corner, hand in his pocket
Pulled out hand, a quick wind took it like a rocket
The sensation of seeing his twenty dollar bill
Picking up so much speed to abandon made him ill
Downward it tumbled over and over so it went
Always a south wind stealing what it lent
His pursuit was clumbsie legs weren't ready
His boots too big, too heavy, but "Steady!"
His cursing got louder at the corner of the alley
A raccoon jumped from debris, scared ghost O'Malley
Who intersected Mr. Big -boots, two souls now the tally
Two souls in one body, confusion reined twice the folly
An "Accident"? don't believe it,
"Big-boots" will bereave it.
That lost Spirit stood there 115 years, no repent
To hitch a "ride", back to where his soul was aflame ,then bent.
Now Mr. "Big-boots" had co-ordination
With a bonus, added concentration
"I have never been able to run?"
A whisper said:"Keep going , it's fun!"
"Big-boots" went blind in one eye
Only appropriated one of two (That O' Malley-guy.)
The race was run strong and fine
Chasing $20 without a finish line
The Ghost looked up (with one borrowed eye)
He could not believe
What Nature could conceive,
Then he borrowed the other eye!
The booted runner stumbled, fell
Giving all the credit to "Hell"
Mr. "Boots" remained down, everything was "Black"
The ghost saw his true love looking back
She was so long and lovely, 10,000 feet long
No beast from Mother Nature could quell her "Song.
She curved, and sweep, bent up , then down
Risen from plain Earth a dark healthy "brown"
5,000 curves bending every way
Thick to tiny co-ordinated, "alive" to stay.
Wrapped around the trees
Going anywhere.. "She" pleased.
High and low,
No place she could not go.
Every bird loved her, sang her songs
built nests on branches as Squirrels ran along
This massive work of nature held, yet magnified her so
She once was a woman-- breathed. beautifully and slow
Many men loved her and paid her price
Sought to return 50 times twice.
The vine outside her window told her "Things"
Having to-do with vines and cloth strings.
Then came that terrible night they found her there
After a night of looking several times in her room so bare
"She must have fell out the window, strangled by the vine!"
(Said someone who drunk most of the time)
Some last saw her sitting on the window ledge, legs dangling
As pockets full of coins below her went a "Jangling"
One witness said they saw a man on the roof above her
"Was it the chimney cleaner? He her lover?'
"He cleaned the chimney every week!"
"Could he needed the money?" "Your skull must leak!"
A mourning O'Malley saw the vine move the next night
It went against known nature of even Moonlight.
"BigBoots" body put it's hands up so high, struggling, reaching
Mouth, mumbling promising, beseeching!
Then arms came down, the body spun around
Exhausted, seated on the hard ground

things "Happen", not common, nor planned
The 20 dollar bill was now in his .. hand.
Written by Jim Warfield Dec.13-16