"I was sitting at my Kitchen Table..."
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    Default "I was sitting at my Kitchen Table..."

    Thinking about .. not much.. I was feeling sort of hungry so I got up walked across the room, looked in the "Frig." then behind me i heard a slight sharp, "klinking" sound?
    I turned my head toward where I thought the sound had come from and nothing in the room had changed, no Cat had jumped up on the table, or anything.
    I looked back into the frig., studying the possible selections there, "yogurt? a piece of cheese? A glass of Milk?'
    I was determined to not look away from the interior of the frig. simply because if I couldn't determine what had made that little sound the first time, i probably would not be figuring it out on my second try either! (This house can be like this sometimes.)
    (Probably an insect, lurking behind some other small scrap of paper laying about the floor or something, nothing to be concerned with at all i gather.)
    I took a slice of cheese out, closed the refrigerator door, walked back across the Kitchen to the cabinet, opened it, took out two slices of bread, as I was about to close the door, there it was again. "Klink-kilnk-klink" This time, three little sharp sounds that were gone almost before I could blink my eyes !
    ("Did this burst of three little sounds come from the table top? From where I was standing, it almost had to be originating from that area, now so close to me.)I decided. I needed a glass of Milk to go with this sandwich. Ignoring the strange little sound again I opened the frig again. pulled out the Milk, walked over to the cupboard, pulled out a glass, poured the glass half full of Milk, and as I turned to walk back to the frig, there it was again. "Klink-klink'-Klink". Now with the mystery klinking happening again and with my ears being in a new location as it happened, it did seem to be coming from the kitchen table area.
    I sat the glass of Milk on the table along with my potential sandwich ingredients, bent , looked under the table, first scanning along the floor, then up to the table legs, then finally under the table top itself.I had to move around the table to thoroughly really check every possible tiny corner of the frame under there, still no sight of any bug, or insect at all, or anything item that did not belong there as a part of the table ?"
    "Well, my ears must be fooling me, now?" (I was pretty sure I would have found something under the table or on the floor under the table, but, "nothing"!?)
    Sitting down now to finally have my simple sandwich and the glass of Milk, I am chewing and drinking, thinking about any tiny thing that could be somewhere within this small room that could be broadcasting such a sound... I was drawing a total "Blank" on this pursuit in this small, predictable room.....
    The sun was not brightly shining in today, no it was not an influence upon something involving the warmth level increasing in this area.expanding wooden items of .. "whatever?"
    Could it be, my underwear!? HA-HA-HA!" Reaching towards the ludicrous now! (How serious can some small klinking sounds ever be, anyway?
    Could it be a timer on a time bomb about to rip the house apart and my precious skin too?
    Then the mystery happened again! So close this time as to begin to unnerve me now! I could feel it as my one hand was laid out flat on the top of the table as it happened!
    I decided to do something very normal and expected, I picked the glass of milk, and took a longer than normal sip of the cold, white juice. When I got done, the glass was half empty now. I replaced it back to where it had been sitting on the table, right there in front of me.
    Then it happened yet Again! "klink-Klink-----Klink!"
    By the third and last "Klink" my focus had narrowed down to the table top in front of me .
    I admit it now.. I was shook, my nerves were half-wired, this is all so odd! Trying to maintain some portion of myself within the realm of normalcy, I decided to take that last drink of milk, as I sat the empty glass back on the table, i was mindlessly simply staring through the now empty glass... then, I saw it again! This time I saw... something?
    Was it inside of the empty milk glass?
    No, it was behind the empty glass, actually something setting right on the table. I sat up some so I could more handily see over the empty glass better.
    There were the two ("Antique"? Glass Salt and Pepper shakers there in the center of the table, simple glass design wider base, swooping upwards getting thinner at the chrome twist-on rounded metal cap with the many tiny holes where the granules "Escaped" when you tipped the entire container. The round base of both shakers were touching together, then as I closely watched, both shakers tipped toward one another and the chrome lids made the klinking sound!
    I watched with eyes wide as they made some more klinks,as they klinked away!
    If I had not drank the glass empty, they could have remained hidden for a long time making those sounds.
    What does this all mean? How can this be happening?
    Then some un-used part of my brain kicked -in, I am hearing Morse code! My Great Uncle had taught me Morse code when i was a bored 11 year-old.
    "My Insanity is well-respected, until they wiggle free and become a stringer for a tabloid"

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    "HELLO! Tommy! you won't believe what just happened,i was quietly just looking for a little breakfast when i heard this klinking noise, and then i heard it some more! And then."
    "How did you find those Salt and Pepper shakers? you know they only usually bring confusion and difficulties with every other aspect of you trying to establish something like a normal life, yet you give in to them again?"
    "But this time they were "klinking" in morose code, I know they were, I remembered the code.some part of my brain suddenly turned back-"On", and there I was again, listening to our Great Uncle explaining the old code to me.. and I remembered it! "
    "Do me a huge favor, will you, Brother?"
    "What do you want me to do?"
    "Hold the phone over close to the shakers so I can hear this for myself. OK?"
    "Well, I guess I could do that?"
    "Will you, please?"
    "Ok, here you go, do you hear them rattling off the code now?"
    "Yes, do you hear what their last message was?"
    "No. I was too distracted by your call...what did it say?"
    "It said:"Come on down and see me."
    "I.. really don't want to see you, besides that I still have not had Breakfast yet."
    "you don't need Breakfast."
    "I don't?"
    "Why do you tell me to not have any breakfast?"
    "Do you remember the last time we "Talked?'
    "Yes, well, what about it?"
    "What was I doing then, you don't remember, do you?"
    "Well, it was.... something.. I'm getting a really bad feeling about it, but I can't quite recall.."
    "Well, brother, I Will Never forget it."
    "Oh, if it was so memorable, then how come I can't remember?'
    "Your mind wiped itself "clean", Again. you can't remember because you were choking me to death!"
    ..a huge silence overtook the room as the Salt and Pepper shakers "Klinked-out "M-u-r-d-e-r-e-r"
    "NO!" He threw down the telephone receiver, then lunged at the small glass and chrome Salt & Pepper shakers which were now no longer there, just some salt and some pepper, now partially mixed together, making a grey, useless mix, that looked more like ordinary .. dirt.
    No more table, no more chairs, walls surrounding him rose up and up becoming just that very common dirt, the dirt that comprises the walls of a hole carefully dug in the ground so as to not take up very much precious space, in your typical, average, grave yard.
    "Eternity" had announced itself.. again.
    "My Insanity is well-respected, until they wiggle free and become a stringer for a tabloid"

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