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    How could I forget Candyman. May have brought it up before. The first two are some of my favorite Horror movies and I actually often can't decide which I like better. Not seen the third one which I've heard is awful. Tony Todd doesn't even like it.

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    I'll play the spoiler and say none. There are even hardly any good sequels, but here are a few,

    Frankenstein - Bride of Frankenstein - Some think the sequel is even better
    Alien - Aliens - Some like the sequel better, even though it was more of an action flick
    Night of the Living Dead - Dawn of the Dead - The sequel was a thought provoking look at a zombie apocalypse
    Evil Dead - Evil Dead 2 - Again, some think the sequel is better even though it was more of a comedy
    Halloween - Halloween 2 - A big drop off from the original, but this was and should have remained the perfect ending for Michael Myers

    I know there are plenty more sequels, but either no good, or just too much of a drop off from the original.

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    After going through the first three Hellraiser movies as part of my Halloween Horror viewing this past October, I think Hellraiser III might actually be my favorite one. Not a popular opinion I'm sure, but I find it's probably the all-around most entertaining one, even if it was a bit of a tonal departure from the first two. I'm behind on the series a bit as I haven't seen any past Hellseeker, but it seems the last few films are of low-quality and the series sadly was never quite the same beginning with the fourth film and it's infamously difficult production.

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