Mechanical: Using a parallax PIR and Picoboo
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    Question Using a parallax PIR and Picoboo

    I'm having a difficult time getting a parallax pir to work with my picoboo-104, so some help would be appreciated. I've read some posts that say it works fine, and some say that it won't work with 12v coming into the picoboo, so I don't even know if it's possible.

    The parallax has a -, OUT, and + pin. Picoboo has ground, 12v, and IN terminals. I've tried about every combination I can think of to no avail. It seems that - goes to ground, + goes to 12v, and OUT goes to IN, but when I wire this way, it constantly triggers the picoboo. Is there a piece i'm missing?


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    Did it ever work? There have been issues with that PIR in other forums, where ultimately it was determined that the PIR was frequently defective. Have you tried swapping it with another one?

    The picoboo instruction manual is pretty clear on how to hook up sensors. Most PIR's are N/C (normally closed) type. After everything is hooked up and warmed up (PIR's take a few minutes), you should have a yellow light on, on your PicoBoo. When you trip the sensor, it should turn off. If no light, then there is a problem either in the wiring or the PIR is bad.
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    The Parallax PIR is rated for 3.3 to 5 VDC, so you can't power it directly from the 12 VDC powered picoBoo .

    Also the PIR outputs 0 or 5 VDC signal and the picoBoo's trigger appears to be a dry contact type like a relay or switch.

    If you want to use the Parallax sensor, you could power the PIR sensor from a separate 5 VDC wall wart or power supply and wire the PIR's output to a 5 VDC relay to trigger the picoBoo.

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    Thanks, that's probably the issue. I may have burned it out by now sending the 12v straight to it, so I may pick up another one to try wiring it up with a separate 5v supply.

    In that case, would I run the + and - on the pir to the 5v power, and just run the OUT to the IN on the picoboo and that should be good?

    Thanks for the help!

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