Pneumatic: Can this be made into a pneumatic prop?
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    Default Can this be made into a pneumatic prop?

    Can this be made into a pneumatic prop?
    I found this chest in neighbor's trash this morning, and I was wondering if my creature dude could be made to slowly come out of the chest as the lid opens? Creature is made of heavy foam and latex, and I'd have to shave a couple inches off the rear for him to fully fit. Even then, his head wouldn't fully clear the lid. The lid would remain open about 45 degrees, which I'd be fine's like he's peeking outside his box and then gradually comes out to greet his guests/victims.

    I only have very limited, beginner experience with pneumatics, having recently completed trash can trauma prop.

    Given how little space there is in the chest with him inside, is this idea even possible?

    And is it possible for the lid, always open 45 degrees, to only open until 90 degrees yet the creature to keep rising higher? I imagine the lid need not be on any sort of mechanism. His rising head would fully prop open the lid and lid counter weight (if necessary) would keep it open...but then how does lid get shut once he comes back down?

    Thanks, Vlad
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    It would be a lot of work to turn that into a pneumatic prop....It would take 2 cylinders, one to open the lid and another to to pop the creature out....Forcing the creature into the lid to open it would destroy the creature very quickly...The hinges are not nearly strong enough, I'd probably add a piece of plywood for rigidity under the lid and the side the other cylinder is going to attach to....You'd have to remove the bottom and build a base to make it tall enough to make the mechanics work right to pop out and as you said it's not really wide enough either without shaving the prop down.....If it were me, I'd leave it exactly the way you have it in pic 3 with the lid open and the creature sitting there coming out with a light on it....That's great eye candy to get their attention and if you want to build a pneumatic, build something behind the chest display to pop up...The chest and creature would hide most of the mechanics automatically.....So basically put a light on what you have there.....Build a pneumatic behind it if you want to....ZR

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    Anything can be made into a pneumatic prop. It depends on how much time and money you want to sink into it.

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