Broken big lots skeleton dragon
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    So I saw a couple people who also had also broken their dragons, and I was wondering how yours were broken and how did you go about fixing them? I myself asked a friend to help me fix mine when the head snapped(he was the one that broke it in the first place so he was in charge of fixing it). So he put a wood chock in there and screwed them together but sadly it did not last long. One guest of wind while I was taking him down and patoof, gone again. Now I'm going to have to figure out some other way to fix him, I'm very depressed as he is/was the pride and joy of my skeleton crew.

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    I think its a lot to do with how there made a lot of my seems are very lose and make the connections epically in the legs very sloppy

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    I had very good luck with tan gorilla tape. (The bone was cracked not completely broken.) The outside has been corpsed so it was easy to cover the edges of the tape.
    My love, sweet Queen and noble wife. I alone remain to bring delivery of your pain. Severed my darling, too quickly from this life. Of fires drawn and memories met, I shall hold our two hearts again in single time.

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