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    Quote Originally Posted by Oak Lane Cemetery View Post
    I have a question for you guys that use this type of head movement rig. Why are they almost always made so that the head turns when it goes down and straightens when it's up? If I were stirring a cauldron and leaned over to look into it I wouldn't turn my head away. Just seems to me (being picky) that the animation would look better reversed with the head looking down into the cauldron when it's down then turn to look at visitors when it's up. Just an observation and again, just me being picky and particular. (Touch of OCD perhaps) I didn't animate mine this way so I'm not 100% versed in this method of doing it. Mine just goes up and down and uses gravity to drop the jaw open when it's up.
    I have to agree with this. (I have OCD as well!)

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    Double post again, not sure why this site does that.

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    Default I posted a reply to your youtube video

    Quote Originally Posted by bluesjumper View Post
    J-Man, you are my hero! I applied your initial ideas and it didn't take much experimenting to get the motion I wanted. And the lateral head movement started to work as well. Here is how it looks now:

    Thanks again!!
    Just wanted to let you know I posted a reply to your youtube video with a little tip to help.
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    That's the nicest thing anyone's said to me in a long time.

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    I don't want anyone to think I'm nitpicking or anything. You make your props however you want them to look. I'm a bit of a weirdo who thinks way too much into things to the point that it get a bit ridiculous sometimes. Who really thinks "now if I were a skeleton stirring a cauldron, how would I move my head" besides me? The kids really don't care and won't notice how it moves, only that it does and that's what matters.

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    Our thanks to everyone who responded so far. We had our cauldron creep out last year and we loved him. But dang, was he a tough thing to put together. He has more drill holes in him than a drain pipe trying to figure out where to put the motor and linkages. Now, with the worst behind us, we're hoping to tweak him even further so that he looks up from his cauldron even more. You all have been a wealth of information on how to make those changes and even add a bit more. I think if we can get that head movement going, we will do what Oak Lane Cemetery suggested and make him looking down when he's looking into the cauldron. I guess we're a bit more OCD than we are willing to admit.

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    Just wanted to give a different perspective on the head movement for this build. Here is how mine looks using a second deer motor mounted sideways on the creep's back. The motor connects to a L shaped linkage that runs up into the neck. The bend of the L pivots in a small eye bolt on the top of the skeleton's spine. I opened up the holes that the jaw connects to the skull with so that it flops open very easily, giving some mouth opening and closing action. Mine only goes up and down, but it's pretty smooth and I didn't have to hide a bunch of PVC, which allowed me to keep most of an entire skeleton exposed. Skip ahead to 2:08 to see it in action in this video...

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