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  1. Default Halloween Easter Decoration

    Halloween Easter Decoration
    Greetings everybody

    Who said that easter doesn`t have to do anything with halloween?
    Okay both is on different times but you can play with it a bit couldn`t you.

    I came up with the idea in 2014 by thinking what I could do as easter decoration in "Dark Passage's" style and here is it.
    A genetic method to create hungry little egg beasts.

    For more photos and an explanation how it was done feel free to go on:





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    I LOVE those. Fabulous!!! Love the photo with the two eggs fighting over a finger.

    As for making them, on your facebook pg now, but I don't grasp this part:

    Cheap rubber ice cube trays were used to get the teeth which were made of constructionfoam.

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    Just spent some more time on your fb page and post area and absolutely love your work and admire your talent. Bit too dark and gory for me but extremely well done. Had to come back and say that . Assume you are in the graphic/art/theatrical stage field?

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    Great looking eggs you have there RFK.

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    Greetings and thank you very much for your words

    I always wanted to become a makeup artist, but it`s hard to get a job in germany in this field so I bacame a media designer which helps a lot as well.
    I`m doing this horror stuff since I was 7 years old, trying to get better all the time and learning more and more with every project.

    But in the end you could say that I work in that field, because I`ve already done some things for "Filmpark Babelsberg" in Potsdam which is a studio and movie park.

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    Yeah, they`re just extremely hungry. Wouldn`t wonder me if they start to fight each other...
    Well, I don`t know if that was the right translation. What I mean is that I used the silicone mold (ice cube tray) and sprayed in constructionfoam to get the teeth.

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