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    Default Recommending PVC Pipe Cutter for prop building

    Recommending PVC Pipe Cutter for prop building
    Last year I had some large size PVC pipe to cut and wanted a clean cut without all the plastic debris from sawing. Not being someone with a lot of tools or being handy constructing things, I ended up buying an Orbit "1/2 inch-to-2 inch PVC cutting tool" from Home Depot. A bit on the pricey side if you don't need it for larger size pipe, cost apx. $27, but sure did a nice job on cuts and even at the larger diameter end of PVC it cut nice sections. The racheting mechanism works well and takes some of the pressure off cutting through the pipe.

    It did take me a bit of experimenting never having worked with this racheting mechanism before but once I "got" how to do it (saw a youtube video), it was easy to set it up. At the 2-inch size, it does take some arm strength still; and I found by resting the edge of the tool on the ground blade side up, opening the "cutting blade", inserting the pipe and pushing down with a bit of force I could cut through the big pipe pretty easily. The first rachet position that lands on the pipe will make a slight indent, check your positioning and adjust slightly if you need to and just continue with the racheting action letting the handle come back up to set up the next cut. I have to say I loved using this tool last year and have no qualms recommending it. Makes cutting PVC super fast with no mess. As for cutting smaller size pipes...like cutting through butter.

    Here's a link to it on Home Depot's site: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Orbit-1-...6190/202314128 I did a considerable amount of research before buying this tool and from this particular manufacturer and while there might be another brand out there accommodating upper diameter pipes, the reviews in general for some pipe cutters were less than positive--either didn't work well at large diameters or were made of plastic and didn't hold up well (including one from Harbor Freight someone tested). This Orbit cutter is metal and will last through your cutting jobs. The nice long metal handles on it are a big plus too.

    Here's a useful video on opening and using a racheting cutter (not the Orbit):

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    I'll probably pick one up soon (before summer) but will have to get something that handles bigger than 2 inch....I bought a small one last summer that does the job (barely) on small pipe and I think it's made of plastic!....My brother has my dad's old one that has me spoiled....Very heavy cast metal, that has a lot of weight to it...You just turn the threads in while turning the contraption around the pipe....The weight of the thing really helps cut through fast with not much effort....It was made for cutting metal pipes if that tells you how old it is.....Kind of overkill for PVC....I'm sure I'll be disappointed in whatever I get after using that thing....LOL.....May end up getting nothing and just keep using my sawzall but it's hard to make straight cuts with that thing.....ZR

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    Thanks for the tip, Spookie! I have a smaller version of one of those tools and it works great.

    Normally, I just use a hacksaw, though.
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    I have one of these that I purchased from Spider Hill Prop works. It handles up to 1" pvc and works very well. Makes a nice clean cut and no pvc "dust" from a hack saw. I had always used a hack saw and still do for large dia pipe but these are handy little tools to have if you do a lot of cutting.
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