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    Quote Originally Posted by The Joker View Post

    One of the reason's I asked this was because I came across some videos about a neighborhood in Romeo, Michigan... Tillson St. Man I would love to live on a street like that. That street looks like what would happen if a dozen HFers decided to all move to the same block. Check out some of the videos I found. So cool!

    Btw, I don't want to change the intent of this subject. Just wanted to share my dream neighborhood.
    I live about 20 minutes from there! It's super awesome. There's actually houses here & there all thru Romeo that are done over the top. I make a point of going every year during the day so I can check out all the details. The local high school football team helps out during ToT, keeping an eye on things & helping with lost kids, etc because insane amounts of people go there.

    I looked at a house that was for sale a couple years ago - most of the houses on Tillson are cool old Victorian style, but there's like no yards. Plus the house I looked at is called the "Clown House" and I talked to the guy selling it and he said the Clowns went with the house. Err - no. But the new owners embraced the clowns & added to them!

    They don't mention Pleasant St, which is the next street to the north, which is usually about 1/2 decorated but still worth seeing, IMO.

    back on topic - there are 3 or 4 houses over a couple streets from me that make an effort, but very little in my area. I'm right smack in the middle of a 3 block street, but we have no sidewalks or streetlights. I'm on the elementary school bus route, so I know kids can see the cemetery being set up. I have had cars drive up to my house, 5 or 6 kids pour out, get their goodies, then leave again. My daughter was amazed the first time she saw that happen. She watched them drive away and was like "they just came to see you!".

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    I haven't experienced anyone going 'big' per se, but as of last year I can safely say that we have noticed a significant increase in general decoration and participation.

    We definitely see more jacks on porches, more decorations in windows, and even a few yard props / tombstones and lights. There is also one young man that has been coming to examine our layout every year since we started in this location, and he is now old enough that he's begun building his own little yard haunt up the street.

    Any increase in recognition of the holiday is cause for celebration for me.

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    We used to live near a street where they went all out for Halloween and Christmas. You had to in order to live there. You couldn't opt out because it was one of the provisions of the HOA. Other than that though, hardly anyone bothers these days. Nobody tries. Most people are lazy. It's really sad.

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    There are two houses within a few blocks of me who decorate but that's it. One is strictly inflatables and the other is done up with homemade stuff. Oh I guess there is one other house that is strictly lights and maybe some bats in the trees. Mine is the only one truly set up to give ToTs scares. I take pride in that fact! I used to live in a subdivision in Texas where everyone for about four blocks decorated. It was really cool. Halloween was this night when everyone would walk the blocks, look at the decorations, and just talk to their neighbors. Some people would just sit in a lawn chair at the end of their driveway handing out candy. All ages participated. I do miss that.

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