2019 CVS Locations Closing
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    Unhappy 2019 CVS Locations Closing

    Saw that 40 of the CVS stores around the country will be closing. I know they have been a great source for many of halloween items and props over the years. Here's a USA Today article that lists the ones slated to close:


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    Honestly, I don't know how any CVS or Walgreens stays in business, their product prices are sky high. Must be the pharmacy that pulls in the $$$. As for the Halloween items, can't speak for all locations but there are several stores in my area and last year the Halloween section was almost non-existent. A very obvious change in marketing.

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    No Halloween in the CVS here in town. I agree with their outrageous prices. Heard the other day that they bought the one and only small strip retail in our small town to drive out the local pharmacy adjacent to their store.

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    That's what happens when you stop selling cigarettes.

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    I grow up with Walgreens... it was the go to place for testing our TV tubes, lol... getting our photos developed, the cute little 1/2 pint squares of Ice Cream and make-up. It was the only store open on most holidays so it was the place to run out to for last minute gifts for unexpected guests.

    TV's no longer have tubes to test. They recently changed their one hour photo printing to a machine that leaves a nasty curl in the paper so I no longer use them for that. I don't do make up... I'm no longer that vane. And doc says to stay away from Ice Cream. These days nearly all stores are open 24/7. And they don't take my insurance from one of the biggest companies in the area.
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    This is kind of surprising since they just bought Aetna. I'm amazed they aren't turning those stores into walk-in clinics or something more health related.

    I LOVE my regular CVS pharmacy & the store in general but they barely do Halloween outside of a few bits of decor & a metric ton of candy. Mine is still in it's original spot, it's not large like newer ones & there's no drive-thru. I know that many in my area have updated the store with drive-thrus, better lighting, better selection, etc. but mine hasn't done any of that. In fact I'm amazed it's still in business at all but thankful it's still kicking.

    None in MD are closing but one in SW DC is closing.
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    mail order meds have become what companys want you to do.I dont see how any pharmacys stay in business.
    I got several halloween ite,s at cvs last year...cool and unique items.I hate to hear this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by halloween71 View Post
    mail order meds have become what companys want you to do.I dont see how any pharmacys stay in business.
    I got several halloween ite,s at cvs last year...cool and unique items.I hate to hear this.
    The problem is, most mail-order meds are more expensive than just going to the pharmacy. It's yet another scam in the medical industry.

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    I've only been at this Halloween yard decorating for about 5 years, but CVS has always had these great resin molds of skulls, jack-o-lanterns, and classic monsters for about $26-a-piece. They are pretty big and have LED lights that give the heads a creepy cool look. They did seem to have less Halloween stuff in 2018, though. I think that goes for other retailers, too. I thought the Halloween stuff at Walmart last year was pretty weak. Perhaps with so many people shopping online these days - retailers are bringing in less stuff at the store level?

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    I think we heard that the fabulous buyer for them that loved halloween and got them to add to their halloween merchandise, left the company in recent years. All I can say is I have some great items from past halloween shopping there. My local store is small and has had very limited halloween every year, sometimes had some of the items I was looking for and convenient if so, but since they were so limited I did find I'd have to hit the large CVSs to find many of the good things everyone was looking for that year. I would venture to say the most money I've spent at CVS was for halloween merchandise.

    I can't really even list all the items I've bought from them over the recent years but here's some of those I can remember from their Spooky Village line:

    IMO The Best Headless Horseman animated prop for the money, pirate (think I even bought 2), 2 very tall skeleton reaper guys, scarecrow, 1 or 2 vampire guys, about 10 3-ft zombie guys for my circus pyramid balancing act (this one location had maybe a dozen plus of them on like 90% discount and a Great bargin at that price--4 of them on the bottom row, 3 next row up, then 2 then 1 guy balancing at the top), 2 electric chair hats (which we rigged for a fun TOTer/Gorilla brainwave transfer experiment one year), talking candles, animated spider victims (several of those), 2 3-ft baby T-Rex skeletons, 2 triceratops skeletons, several sets of Villafane pumpkin arms and legs, chattering dentures under a cloche, a number of the Crazy Bonez skeleton animals.

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