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    Oh no that is awful! Glad your pets are ok. What a horrible birthday indeed. I hope you get a good settlement and can have some fun buying new goodies.

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    Oh no!!! I am so very sorry!!!! Very thankful you and your pets are safe...but how devastating!
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    Oh that's really sad to hear TropicalJewel. Glad the loss was confined to just the garage and not your house (with pets etc inside) and assume that your car was not in there. I can feel your pain though. I too have a special place in my heart for many, many things that I have collected over the years and would hate to lose them. Do you have photos over the years that at least show some of them? Also any idea what caused the fire? I hope it wasn't due to some batteries left in a prop. I've been trying to make sure all of mine get removed but you never know if you've gotten them all.

    What a terrible birthday you're right. But happy belated anyway and at least you're living past another one so wishing you a happy and healty year is the best birthday wish I could give you. Let us know what you are looking for.

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    Let us know what you are trying to replace. I have duplicates of a few things
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