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    I was going to say my friend is a district manager for Spirit. I just checked and he dose not work there anymore. Have you checked those sites?

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    I have THREE Spirit animatronics with broken gears. I did get a little help from them a few years back in that they tried to find replacement gears from some returned units. I was so excited when I got them in the mail only to find out they weren't the right gears.

    These things are too expensive to have them break so easily...I only used them one Halloween before they broke.

    I wrote sometime back on this forum it would be good if anyone has units they're just going to get rid of to offer up the parts to those that want to fix them.

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    TBone...if you send me your email I MAY be able to help you. I work at the home office for Spirit/Spencer's. Yes, I know Dr Zombie.

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    If possible, finding a direct replacement will probably be the easier path, but I’d imagine finding a local hacker space, or a local library with a 3D printer would serve you better in the long run, as complaints of this happening with Spirit stuff seem VERY common.

    In fact, Thingiverse, where people upload homegrown 3D models you can download for free, already has SOME gears to replace Spirits pure Chinesium ones:

    Unfortunately it’s not your model, but it shows it can be done, And if you find somewhere local to get it printed, it shouldn’t be very expensive... it’s a few pennies worth of filament, and a smaller part doesn’t take THAT long to print. You could even print some spares for the future. #righttorepair!

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