A new look for our yard
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    Default A new look for our yard

    The mermaid skeleton came! She is gorgeous!!! Rather than a typical bone color, she is kind of grayish, with a bendy tail. She'll certainly look better than our old mermaid, which was a regular Bucky type, with a homemade tail. Due to a house move, we couldn't Halloween last year, and when I unpacked things, the tail was much the worse for wear. The mermaid skeletons are on sale at Oriental Trading for almost half off, so we're even happier.

    Moving from a three story house with garage and shed, to a one story with only a garage so far, things are quite piled up right now. Does anyone here have any recommendations for a good shed for a small yard, say something in the 7 by 10 range? The last shed had a doorway that clocked me every time, and I'm not at all tall. Are the tall roof ones useful? How do you secure shelving? Do you have a floor? Last time, we had a wooden one, but we're leaning toward a concrete slab this time around. And what about the Rubbermaid ones? Are they as good or better than the metal ones?

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    I have been eyeing that mermaid.I have one that is a skelly with a sea shell bra a wig and a fin that is fabric.I may have to bit the bullet on the one at ot tho.

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