anyone here ever work for spirit halloween
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    Default anyone here ever work for spirit halloween

    So i saw the banner for a local spirit halloween yesterday.
    and like very year , i think , I should appply.

    But since I have a full time job. I wonder how many shifts constitutes part time.

    I did get as far as the online application. But stopped when they asked for a soc. security.
    any job I have ever applied for online was always followed up with a written application. so I was hesitant to fill that out.
    But I cant go further w/o it.

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    If you go to, you can look-up employee reviews of their time working at Spirit.

    I read through several pages worth of employee reviews. It appears that doing the initial store set-up is difficult, as well as packing the store back into a truck at the end of the season. Spirit also strictly requires all employees to work on Halloween (which automatically makes it a non-option to me). Other than a hectic pace close to Halloween (as you would expect), most employees thought it was a fun place to work, and they received 25% employee discounts.

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    I worked full time in 2011 and part time (when I was a full time store manager) in 2012.

    It's a fun job, in 2011 I was an assistant manager, in 2012 I already had a full time management job with another company so I could only do part time. Ultimately I had to quit after a month due to my full time job, but it was a fun time. Lots of stocking and helping customers. You get your discount, then on the day after halloween they stack another 50% off on top of your employee discount.

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    I have a full time job but thought it would be fun and worked part time a few years ago. I met with the manager during their set-up. I got the job and submitted the online application afterwards. I utilized my Halloween obsession to my benefit and had a complete blast working with customers. I designed scenes, made suggestions, and sales rose. It was a blast, and with the sales numbers I was bale to generate by consulting on displays and scenes I soon had people asking for me specifically. I was able to take as many hours as I wanted, and was the first person called when someone cancelled a shift.

    They knew my Halloween obsession before I started and it was agreed upon that I would not be working Halloween day. November first fell on a week-day so I was also not asked to work this day due to my full time job.

    If you do apply make it clear that you are not doing it for the discount. This was one thing they were concerned with. I pointed out that I would have a 20% off coupon so the additional 5% was not worth the effort of applying for, and time spent working just to save $5.00 for every $100 spent.
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    I've considered applying.

    As for online apps and SS #...I always have done online applications but now I'm wondering if I shouldn't.

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