Important: RULES for this section
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    Default Important: RULES for this section

    Are you an individual (do not own a store) and want to sell or trade something Halloween or Horror oriented? Post it here.

    If you sell ANY props, kits, accessories, or any Halloween related items for profit, you may not post in this section. You must sell in the merchant section.

    Merchants MAY NOT POST HERE. Merchants may post in the "For Sale By Merchants" section. If you have a web site that sells Halloween/Horror/Haunt merchandise, then you are considered a merchant. (this includes an ebay store)

    You are considered a merchant if you are selling anything that was not used for your own personal use. If you are selling anything in quantity, you will be considered a merchant. This included domain names or web sites.

    This section is designed for those who have something used for sale. If you create something that is intended for sale, or if you currently sell Halloween props, costumes or accessories, then you cannot post here.

    You MUST Include a price in your listing. If you will take best offer, you still need to name a price (OBO). Prices are not required if you state that it is an auction.
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