Colors are warm white, cold white, red, green yellow, UV, orange and blue. $3. each plus shipping. These are the same LED's @ used in THE HAUNT in Michigan that got this "glowing" review from"Lighting in the attractions was understated and effective, favoring smaller “pin lights” that easily blended into the background,,," Ethan used over 1200 of these lights. They are 12v and polarity must be observed.

They aren't as bright as the big guys which makes them easier to super detail. In the picture is Frightprops nano spots vs mine, mine is on the left and FP on the right.

Sample packs are available for either $15(includes shipping) for red, green, blue and yellow or $25(includes shipping) for all of the above plus UV, cold white and warm white.

Ask any questions. If I don't answer right away send me a message on Facebook under Ned Kerr, Thanks20190427_220916.jpg52762430_2287476494637439_9108498841555959808_n.jpg20190225_194057.jpg