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back ground music/ sound effects

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hey haunters. I was wondering what you guys like best for back ground music and sound effect cd's for your haunts. I own a lot of different ones. some for parties and others for haunting. I have been gravitating more towards Midnight Sindi9cate and Nox Arcana tracks for my haunt for background mood setting and combination of the old Disney Hanted Mansion sound effect record from the 70's to more some recent sounds on cd. I still think the old Disney version has more un-nerving sounds that I can incorperate into the haunt than some of the newer stuff. I haven't seen it but has anyone found that old record on CD? Anyway, what do you guys prfer to use?

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  2. HauntoweeN's Avatar
    I would LOVE to find someone who will create you your own halloween background music. But I have'nt had much luck in that. But to answer you'r question, I like both NOX and MIDNIGHT, but if I had to pick one it would be nox arcana.