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  1. Getting some props done

    Well I got my animated ship helm done.Next will be the dueling pirates and maybe a fishing pirate.
    The remake of my animated santa turned out better than I expected.
  2. Getting the prop supplies in

    I am dying to get into my gifts under the tree- a helm and 3 treasure chests.
    I got a mermaid tail in from ebay and am very pleased with it.
    It is made of swimming fabric and was 24.99 pictures are in my prop 2011 album.
    Waiting till some reindeer motors get into stock so I can order some and I also need to order a barney and some pirate booty.
    I am starting on the helm prop soon can't wait.
  3. New theme for 2011

    Once again I am posting my list of things to buy and build here.
    Since this is going to be a new theme I am going to have to build alot and revamp alot of my props to fit the theme.
    So here is what I need to build
    animated pirate helm
    rum drinking pirate
    I want another animated prop but haven't decided yet on what it will be.
    I also need to make a sand blanket-mermaid and cannons.
    started dressing two skellys today.
    And so ...
  4. Props working on

    The weather is still cold and yucky here.I have managed to make some progress on some props.I have cut some 3 inch tombstones to replace the glued ones-foam filled 3 zombie heads one is ready for clothes-latexed a hand.I have bought 3 angels to go on tombstones and ordered 2 more sets of flicker strands for more flicker candles.Now I just need some warm weather.
  5. Finally doing some work

    I just can't get myself in gear last year I had made most of my props already.Today I worked on my flicker candles 1 set are ready to be glued and painted.Started putting great stuff in one mask it is curing now.So at least I am moving forward.
    On clearence I got a talking douglas fir for 2.00 and a angel tree topper for .25.Don't know what I'll do with the doug fir but the angel is going on a piece of syrofaom I foun on the side of the road.
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